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The Recommendations on Making Full Use of the Population at the Early Stage

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire The Recommendations on Making Full Use of the Population at the Early Stage

Population is a curial factor to players’ city whether in the early or late stages of the game. And the roles of the population are also tremendous. However, the players usually have very limited people in their city at the early stage, then what should they do to maximize the benefits they can get from those people they have? Come and check this out.

There are two main uses for the population:
1. Participate in production as the urban working population.

2.Be trained to a solider.

Here, I will present how to use the population according to the faction difference in the early stage.
I. Money empire faction
Players of the money empire faction can unlock the total cap of economic construction when their faction reaches level 5. And for those factions, their development in the early stage is very fast, because they possess a large number of economic buildings, which can bring them lots of silver krona income in a short time. Therefore, players in this faction must pay attention to the efficiency of the economic buildings in the early stage, that is, to ensure that all economic buildings have the largest working population. As for the training unit, players only need to keep enough ones at their disposal. There is no need to keep too many with them.

Second, the industrial giant faction
The similarity between industrial giant and money empire is that, players of this faction can also unlock the total cap of economic construction when their faction reaches level 5. While the difference is that, there are many unlocked industrial buildings in this faction. So, the population is needed here to maintain the production of these buildings. Similar to the money empire, here we suggest the industrial giant to put more people on the building production. There is no need to increase soldiers’ number for the training unit, because this unit updates very often in the early stage. Which means, once it’s updated, the previous soldiers you have trained will be useless.

Third, the king of war faction
Players in the war faction can also unlock the corresponding buildings when their faction reaches level 5. Unlike the other two factions we mentioned, the development of this one can be achieved by launching wars. Because of the inherent advantages this faction has, players there can easily win no matter who they are battling with. So, in the early stage, the war faction players need a large number of soldiers for war consumption. The recommendation we have for this faction is: put priority on ensuring the needs for the training unit. Players have to keep 200 soldiers in the army and use the rest ones in production field.

Well, all these above are my recommendations on how to make full use of the population you have in the early stage. I hope this article can actually help you!


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