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A Summary of the Methods to Obtain Resources in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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A Summary of the Methods to Obtain Resources in Game Legend: Rising Empire

In game Legend: Rising Empire, resources are an important prerequisite which determines whether a player can grow strong or not. Besides, the amount of resources a player possesses can also directly affect the city's strength. Then what are the ways to obtain resources? Come and check it out!

First, urban production.
Players can build a large number of resource production and processing buildings in their own cities, through which they can produce the required resources. Even though this way of obtaining resources is relatively slow, which takes time to accumulate a certain amount. However, this is the most stable way to get them among all others!

Second, plunder other players.
You can target other players on the world map who are not in the war free city, then carry out a military aggression to them. If you win, there will be a lot of loot (which means a large amount of resources) for you. The obvious advantage of this way is that you can obtain a huge amount of resources in a short time. But there are also many shortcomings because those who are plundered may take military retaliation on you!

Third, trade purchase.
After the construction of trade building, players will have their own caravan station. Then they can search the world map for the resource they want to buy, and find out other players or NPC cities that sell it. Through the caravans, they can purchase the resources they need. This method to obtain resources is much faster than urban production, but it asks players to pay the equivalent silver krona!

Fourth, beat back robbers.
As we all know, there are countless robbers on the world map. Therefore, players can get different types of resources by repelling them. Fight against the robbers with partners can help you get rich resources such as attendant props and lord equipment materials! In other words, these powerful robbers are also a piece of delicious cake!

Fifth, take the Favila competition and complete daily tasks.
Players can get a lot of resources by completing their daily tasks. In addition, they can also take the Favila competition which is held every two hours. Resources will be obtained, as long as they can reach the mission conditions and the points requirements. After this, there will be a ranking according to their performance in the competition. So, they can get a big ranking reward, too!

Sixth, purchase in the mall.
Players can buy a certain amount of resources in the mall with silver krona. But their purchasing quantity is limited. Nothing will be available for them beyond the limit!

Well, all the methods to obtain resources are stated above. Hopefully, you can benefit from it!


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