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Legend:Rising Empire Detailed Explanation of the Combination of Siege Forces

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Legend:Rising Empire Detailed Explanation of the Combination of Siege Forces

Siege has always been a hot topic for players in the game. The defensive strength of a player determines whether it is easy to be captured by other players. For the attacking side, it is important to pay attention to how to minimize the loss. In addition to the need for a large number of high-level soldiers, combination of siege forces can also make the siege simple. So what we bring to you today is detailed explanation of the combination  of the siege forces! Come and have a look.
In preparation for attacking cities, the player can be equipped with five legions totally. Each Legion can add six kinds of soldiers to a total of 200 positions. In addition, the player can choose to fight with a lord and three attendants.

Break wall formation
Firstly, for the siege battle, if the enemy player encloses the main castle with the walls and gates tightly, then for the attacking side, it will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of attacking. This difficulty lies in the need to break through the castle layers to contact and destroy the enemy city! For multi-layer wall defense, players need a certain number of siege equipment. It's recommend that players carry two stone throwers and a siege car. The siege car can push forward directly, while the stone thrower can target the enemy's crossbow turret. A certain number of shields can absorb damage, while the other archers can also destroy the wall quickly.Havoc master is not recommend here, because the master has no passive effect on the wall!

Fast attack formation
If the enemy players are using guided defense, then for a longer front, the speed of movement and attack is very important. So in order to advance quickly, 40 cavalry are recommended, a certain number of shields absorb damage, the rest are havoc masters. high damage plays a very important role in the advance of the front. It can quickly push to the position of the enemy castle.

Human sea formation
If the enemy is defended by the havoc masters along the front, then we should consider its passivity. That is, 25% of the probability cause 10 times damage to a random unit. Except for the shield, there is no other force can withstand the damage of the havoc masters. The shield occupies a large space and the damage is relatively low, so the number of reasonable combination is low, then the use of human sea tactics for the defense of havoc masters is more favorable!

Harvesting formation
When breaking through and depleting the enemy forces, the attacking side can consider harvesting the battlefield. In order to expand the benefits of the war, players are recommended to carry as many stealth players as possible, because the high-load force can bring back more trophies after the victory of the war, while a certain number of archers are for destroying enemy cities within the time limit of siege!

Okay, that's the detailed explanation of the combination of siege forces of "Legend:Rising Empire". I hope this article can bring help to the game for everybody!


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