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Legend:Rising Empire The Relation between Forces Combination and Restraint

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The Landlord
Legend:Rising Empire The Relation between Forces Combination and Restraint

In the game, whether the players occupy the city or fight back the robbers in the world, they need to use soldiers. There are differences among soldiers, so how to combine the forces to maximize their power becomes a problem. Now I will explain the relationship between the forces. I hope this article "The Relation between Forces Combination and Restraint" can bring help to everybody's game.

Forces Combination
First of all, we understand the forces combination. There are many limitations and characteristics in the forces combination. Players need to take into account the upper limit of space for each army when matching arms. For example, an army of the attacking side can carry 200 space units soldiers generally, while in the course of co-defense or caravan escort, an army could only carry soldiers of 100 space units.

The sizes of space occupied by different arms are different. For example, each soldier has one space for archers and lancers, 2 for sneakers, havoc masters and heavy cavalries, 4 for shields, 10 for catapults, and up to 20 for siege cars. Therefore, a siege army with a space of 200 can carry 10 siege cars, but players will not do this generally, because carrying one siege car is enough, carrying too much, on the contrary, it is not good for the siege of the city.

The types of soldiers that each army can carry are also required. Generally speaking, an attacking army can match six kinds of arms, while the co-defense or caravan escort can only match four kinds of arms. Therefore, when matching arms, players must pay attention to the upper limit of army types.

Restraint relationship
There are eight kinds of soldiers in the game. Because of their own characteristics, there is also a relationship of mutual restraint. First of all, let's talk about the siege equipment. The stone thrower and the siege vehicle belong to the same kind of siege equipment. Their characteristics lie in that they can only attack the city walls, gates and crossbow turrets. Therefore, accept for siege, they have no hit ability against other forces in the field.

Soldiers in long-range units are archers and havoc masters. Although they have high attack power, their blood volume is very low. Therefore, they are restrained from other melee soldiers when there is no city wall or other arms as protection. Of course, besides the stalkers, because the stalkers are special functional forces. Their attack power and blood volume are relatively low, they're restrained by other forces other than siege equipment.

The cavalry in the melee army has charge effect in the field battle, and can neglect the mockery of the shield. Therefore, they restrain the remote units in the back rows alot. The shield has a very high blood value, but the havoc masters who has a reasonable output environment just restrain them. The havoc master's passive damage can fully erupt on the shield. While the Long-gun soldiers, who is one of the basic forces and have the advantage of less space, are more similar to the role of cannon fodder.

Okay, that's "The Relation between Forces Combination and Restraint" of "Legend:Rising Empire". I hope this article can help you play the game.


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