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How can the alliance be bigger and stronger? It is very important to do these...

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The Landlord
How can the alliance be bigger and stronger? It is very important to do these things.

Legend:Rising Empire is a very diversified game. Players can produce, trade and fight in the game. In the game process, alliance is a very important part of the game. Good alliance can not be separated from good players, and good players can not be separated from good alliance.

Location selection

The alliance can't be big and strong without a good position. Cities can not be built at the location of rivers and trees in the game. If there are a lot of rivers and trees around our selected location, we can avoid the enemy alliance moving the city at night and beating our alliance players bad. In addition, the position must be large enough to accommodate two or three alliance players. After these rounds of tests, there are at least two or three alliances, so that the alliance can develop.

Neutral city is a very important part of the game. In the game, process of trades between players and neutral cities can ensure their maximum profits. As an initial scarce currency, silver crown can be acquired in large quantities through trading with neutral cities. Besides, the higher the level of neutral cities, the more materials will be sold. As an alliance, there must be two or three cities around it to ensure the development of alliance players.
Of course, if it is a small alliance that was founded later, it must ensure its survival. Some corners that other alliances do not need can be selected, such as the location of the map near the sea. The biggest disadvantage of this is that it takes a lot of time to trade with other players and neutral cities. If the Alliance players are more Buddhist, this position is actually pretty good.

Staff Acquisition

VIP level can be used as a watershed for early players, if the player's VIP level is high enough, it can be four copies a day. Therefore, if it is in the early stage of the game, the alliance is ready to absorb powerful players for rapid development, VIP level can be used as a basis for the recipients. Of course, VIP points can be obtained through daily tasks, if it is in the late game, the alliance can absorb high-cost players directly.

Alliance needing attention

Alliance technology is a very important part in the game, which requires all Alliance players to contribute together, in order to upgrade the level quickly. Technology as the most important part, alliance level can increase the number of alliance players, architects can speed up the building speed, it is very worthy of Alliance players upgrade priority . If there are too many wars in the alliance, recruit master it is also worth considering.
As an important component of the game, the alliance is the key for players to complete their daily tasks. It is suggested that players invest more in their alliances and benefit from them. Alliance management can make the alliance grow and develop through reasonable management alliance.


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