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The Definition and Operation Mode of Attack in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Landlord
The Definition and Operation Mode of Attack in Game Legend: Rising Empire

In this game, the defense of a city determines whether it will be easily captured, and the attack of a city determines its capability to plunder others! Today I will talk about the definition and operation mode of an attack and hope to provide some help for you!

First, attack
Resources are usually the most direct reason for players to attack each other. Whether they are lack of resources or not, wars are easily to be caused. Besides, factions need to plunder others by launching a war if they want to improve their fame quickly. Even the occupation of the Alliance Castle needs the help of a war! So, attack has become an indispensable part of this game!

Second, requirements for an attack
1. Army
If some players want to attack others or NPC cities, then the first thing they need is an army. The army needs players to consume weapons and the train soldiers in the training building. Because whether the soldiers are strong depends on the rank of the soldiers and the bonus effect of corresponding soldiers!

2. Action Point
Action Point is necessary for all kinds of military operations. Without it, the player’s army cannot make military activities such as military campaign, investigation, coordination, team formation, group battles, and garrison. Therefore, it is highly recommended to hoard enough action point before attacking others!

Third, the operation mode
1. Select the attacking target
There are lots of targets that can be attacked by players, such as the world's various robbers, camps and other players, NPC cities, etc. Therefore, you need to select the target before launching an individual or team attack! All ordinary robbers need to be attacked separately, while the camps must be attacked by a team. Besides, small NPC cities can only be attacked alone, but attacking large NPC cities needs you assembling other members!

2.Marching Acceleration
After launching the attack, the player's army will appear on the world map. While marching toward the attacking target, if it’s too far away, you can use the marching acceleration items to shorten the march time! About this item, there are two kinds, one is 100% acceleration and the other is 50%! They can be purchased in the mall or obtained by participating certain activities!

3.In the process of the battle
After reaching the destination, two armies will meet each other. A battle logo would appear on your screen afterwards. At this time, click the logo and enter the battle page. In the battle page, you can see that the various soldiers are coordinating with each other very well. After the war, you can adjust the proportion of different soldiers in your army based on the fighting situation so as to achieve a greater efficiency!

4.After the war
If the war ends with you winning it, then you can return to your city with the plundered materials. If it ends with your failure, then your whole army would be destroyed! Regardless of the outcome, you will get the final result by email!

Alright, so much for this article. If there are better suggestions, please share them below!


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