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The Method to Obtain Sliver Krona in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Landlord
The Method to Obtain Sliver Krona in Game Legend: Rising Empire

As we all know, silver krona and golden krona are the most important currencies in game Legend: Rising Empire. And we heavily depend on the number of these two currencies throughout the game phase. Especially the sliver krona, it’s needed in many aspects, such as resource acquisition, land purchase, technology upgrade and etc. Therefore, the number of silver krona will directly affect the progress of the city development. Today I will share with you the way to get the silver krona in this game.

First, the market sales
In the game, there is an economic production chain that can produce all kinds of economic raw materials so as to make various of foods. So, you can get the silver krona tax by selling these foods to the residents through market buildings. Besides, the extra silver krona bonus can be obtained by providing more advanced food!

Second, plunder
By launching a war against other players, you can not only plunder their resources, but also plunder a large amount of sliver krona from them. This is also the most direct and effective way to get the silver krona. If you plan to get silver krona in this way for a long term, please be prepared to be revenged by other players.

Third, Favila competition
The Favila competition is held in every two hours. In the competition, a staged reward can be obtained as long as you meet its requirements and get the points that are required. And a lot of silver krona is included in the reward. Therefore, Favila competition is something you shouldn’t miss if you want to get rich in a quick way.

Fourth, the sale of resources
Selling the extra resources to other players will bring you the silver krona income, which not only makes full use of resources, but also facilitates your own development.

Fifth, King Grace
As long as your overall strength is improved, you can participate in the activities of King Grace. When your personal goals reach a certain stage, you can get rewards, which includes a large number of silver krona.

Sixth, treasure hunt
You can make a treasure hunt by using the "Mystery Family Map". This hunt is very rewarding and it can also provide you the chance of getting a lot of silver krona.

So, if you want to develop yourself by getting silver krona, then you must firstly know how to get them. Well, all the methods of getting silver krona in game Legend: Rising Empire have been introduced above. Hopefully, this article can help you!


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