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Legend: Rising Empire Introduction to military related buildings

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire Introduction to military related buildings

Players can have a magnificent city of their own in the game. The city can contain many different buildings, among which military-related buildings are very conspicuous, because there are too many of them, and some occupy a very large area. Today brings you the introduction of military buildings! Come and have a look.
There are seven kinds of military-related buildings: city walls, city gates, training centers, military barracks, military academies, military hospitals and crossbow turrets. Their uses are different.

city walls
City walls are the most buildings that can be built in the city in the game. Its construction and upgrading cannot bring any other benefits, but can only improve its endurance value. The high endurance value of the city walls make a city must have them for urban defenses because of this!, archers and havoc masters can stand on the walls to get the attack distance and damage free effect when defending.

City gates
The nature of the gates and the walls are similar, and the durability value of the same grade of them is the same, but the closed wall structure must link to the gate! Soldiers and workers can enter and leave the main castle through the gate. Archers and havoc masters cannot be laid on the gate which is different from the wall.

Training centers
Training centers are places for training soldiers. New soldiers and higher training levels will be unlocked while upgrading training centers. All kinds of soldiers will be unlocked after the 5th level training center. The level of the training soldiers will be upgraded for each upgrade after that. Besides, training soldiers needs population and weapons.

Barracks are built to accommodate soldiers. As the level increase, more soldiers can be accommodated. Players can manage their own armies here. They can get free space of barracks by demobilizing low-level or unnecessary troops.

Military Academy
The role of the military academy is to provide the Legion and the lord with an added bonus of attack power and life value. Each level of military academy can add up to 0.5% and the highest level of military academy is 15, so at most 7.5% bonuses can be brought. However, the bonus effect can only be triggered by providing silver kronor to military academies every time period.

Military hospital
Military hospitals, as the name implies, are used for treatment. After every battle, they can take in and spend a certain amount of time to treat the wounded soldiers. This improves the survival rate of our soldiers and saves resources. After all, every soldier needs materials to train! The capacity of wounded soldiers of military hospitals can be increased every time they upgrade.

Crossbow turret
The crossbow turret can attack the invading enemy, with long range and high single damage. Upgrading the crossbow turret can increase attack power and endurance. The crossbow turret can also cause additional damage to mechanical units.

The above is the introduction of military related buildings, hoping to help friends!


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