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Legend: Rising Empire Introduction and significance of military system

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire Introduction and significance of military system

In this war-oriented game, the military system is the core part of Legend: Rising Empire. The city managed by the players is not only a unique individual on the mainland of Favila, but also a protagonist in the mainland. To engage in war, we must contact the military system. Let's take a look at the introduction and significance of the military system.

Military system
Military systems exist where wars take place. Military systems are mainly divided into offensive and defensive parts. Military forces formed by players and various bandits on the world map or troops in NPC cities are the main participants in wars. Soldiers in wars attack automatically, and the attack effects of different kinds of soldiers are different. Such as cavalry's attacking priorities are long-range units and the catapult's first attack on enemy crossbow turrets and fortified soldier's city walls, and so on!

In the attack module of military system, the main targets are other alliance players, robbers, camps and NPC cities. When the target is selected, an army will be dispatched from one's own city for a journey. After reaching the target, an attack will be launched. If the attack succeeds, the remaining soldiers will return to the city. If the attack fails, the whole army will be lost.

Players can defend their cities by laying out walls, gates and soldiers. If enemy forces attack our cities, they will fight back. If we succeed in defense, a lot of factional prestige will be gained. If we fail, we will lose a lot of materials and factional prestige. The enemy forces are mainly player's city or the anger from the king.

The significance of military system
The military system, as the name suggests, is used to carry out wars. What is the advantage of war? The main advantage is that players can quickly plunder a large number of resources and factional prestige after the victory of the war, so that they can quickly develop their own cities and weaken the strength of the enemy.
In addition, the military system makes slow-growing players have to consider relying on fast-growing players, because on the war-melodied continent of Favila, they are either robbing or being robbed by others.
Military system accelerates the pace of the game. The development of a city is very important, but this premise must be that the city has a strong military force!

All right, that's the introduction and significance of the military system that we brought to you today. I hope it will be helpful to you all.

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