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Legend: Rising Empire Components of military system

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire Components of military system

Military system is a very important part of the game. If players want to fight, they have to use military system. So the elements of military system are very critical. Many players do not know what the elements are, so today I will introduce the elements of the military system to you!

Weapon and equipment elements
If you want to carry out military activities, you need a lot of weapons and equipments. Weapons and equipments mainly come from the weapon construction production of the player's own city. In addition, they can also be acquired through shopping malls and participating in the trade between players or NPC cities!

soldier elements
It's not enough to have a large number of weapons and equipments. Only by building training centers and barracks can we train powerful soldiers with weapons and population. There are eight kinds of soldiers: archers, lancers, slingshots, divers, and mages of catastrophe, cavalry, shield guards and attack vehicles. Players can match different arms and armies according to their own preferences.

Attendant elements
Servants play a very important role in military warfare. Servants with unique gifted skills can bring added effects to different kinds of troops or buildings. In addition, the basic attributes of the servants can also bring added effects to the legion's attack power, life value and marching speed! Servants can not only participate in the city's attack, but also participate in the city's defense. Players can send three attendants for each attack and defense.

Lord elements
Every war, the Lord is standing in the front line. He was the first to attack, and he was the first to attract firepower. So the strength of a lord is always affecting the victory of every war.

Defense elements
Defense elements are also an important part of the military system. Players can defend castles by building a large number of walls and gates, because the walls and gates have a very high durability value, enough to withstand the enemy's footsteps. The more walls and gates make the walls and cities have more defensive layers. In addition to defense, players can also build a certain number of crossbow turrets to fight back. The crossbow turrets also have a certain durability value, not only with high output, but also can delay the enemy's marching speed.

Other elements
In addition to these main elements, there are many other elements associated with the military system, such as execution and population, which are necessary resources for military activities. And some elements related to war skills such as alliances, are also very important.
Okay, that's the introduction of the elements of the military system. I hope it will be helpful to friends.


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