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Legend: Rising Empire The significance and way of promoting factions

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire The significance and way of promoting factions

In the game of Legend: Rising Empire, factional system has always been the feature of the game. It divides all the player's cities into three categories: economy, industry and war. It can be seen that factions play an important role in the game, and factions are also graded. The higher the factions are, the higher the city's bonus is. but how could factions get promoted? What is the significance of promotion? Let's take a look at the significance and way of promotion today.

the significance of promotion
Although there are only three types of factions, the top level of faction can reach100. And except for the first level, every faction promotion after that can bring bonus effect to the player's city or unlock the specific architectures of the faction! There are three main points: position effect, inheritance effect and unlocking architecture.

position effect
The bonuses that the position effects brought of the three factions are different. The position effects of the war factions are the bonuses of marching speed and the attack power and life value of the whole army. The position effects of the industrial factions are the bonuses of the attack power, life value of the close combat soldiers and the durability of the defense facilities, and the position effects of the economic factions are the strength bonuses of long distance soldiers and siege equipments.

inheritance effect
The inheritance effect will be activated when factions are promoted to a certain level. It will be retained even if factions are changed in the future! The inheritance effect is mainly the bonus of attacking power and life value of the legion. The inheritance effect of different factions is also slightly different. For example, economic factions will have the inheritance effect of increasing of the caravan load ceiling.

unlocking architecture
Specific buildings of a faction can be unlocked after it's upgraded to a certain level. War factions are mainly military buildings, industrial factions are mainly industrial production and processing buildings, while economic factions are a large number of economic and market buildings.

The way of promotion
There are two main ways of promotion, one of them need a certain number of factional prestige, the other one need to complete specific factional tasks.
Factional prestige
Factional prestige can be gained by killing world monsters and camps. A lot of factional prestige can be gained by beating other player's cities or armies (failure will cause lose of factional prestige, but it will never be lower than the protection value).

Faction Mission
In the process of factional upgrading, not only factional prestige, but also the completing of factional tasks are need to promote factional hierarchy. According to different factions, factional tasks will be slightly different. Factional tasks can be accomplished through promotion tips.

The faction level can be promoted as long as these two steps are completed. The cumulative effect of the promotion can be seen from the bottom left side of "My faction".
Okay, that's the meaning and way of promoting factions brought to you today. I hope it will be helpful for the players to promote the factions.


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