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The introduction of way and function of alliance aggregation

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The Landlord
Legend:Rising Empire   The introduction of way and function of alliance aggregation

The alliance is a game module system that players must contact and use in the game. Many game functions need to be connected with this module system to complete. Today, what we bring to you is the introduction of the ways and functions of alliance aggregation. Come and have a look.
If players need to attack some difficult world monsters in the game, but they are not in or have any alliances at the moment, then they will not be able to attack it in a team or in the aggregation. so gathering a team in the game is based on they have the same alliance!

Alliance aggregation mode
The main targets of alliance aggregations are bandit camps, large NPC cities and other players. For bandit camps and other players, the aggregation will be initiated after selecting the target. At most two members of alliance are allowed to join the aggregation team. The gathering time can be selected are 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes,choose the gathering time reasonably so that allies can have enough time to converge on you!

Large NPC cities can only be aggregated against by the leader or vice-Leader of the alliance. At most 50 members of the alliance can be aggregated after selecting the target city, and the gathering time is also within 1 to 30 minutes. A combined army will march on the map of the world after gathering successfully. Attack starts immediately after reaching the target.

The role of alliance aggregation
The main role of alliance aggregation is to challenge the world monsters whose fighting power is much higher than their own, such as the advanced bandit camps. The advanced bandit camps can bring advanced resources. So the alliance aggregation makes it easier for players to gain these resources! And for the players who started the gathering, there will be additional initiator treasure and faction prestige.

Secondly, if they can not beat the other players, they can also seek for the help of members of the alliance. After all, a gathering force of three armies can not be underestimated! So to attack the players who have alliance, they need to worry about whether they will be retaliated by the alliance.

In one word, the role of alliance aggregation is to gather the strength of the alliance members, to accomplish tasks that are difficult for a single player!
Okay, that's the introduction of ways and functions of alliance aggregation that we brought to you today. I hope this article will give the players a deeper understanding of alliance aggregation!


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