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The introduction of alliance coins and alliance acceleration

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire   The introduction of alliance coins and alliance acceleration

Alliance system has always been a very important part of the game. There are many functions in alliance which are very helpful to players. Today, what we bring to you is the introduction of alliance coinsand alliance acceleration in the alliance system. There must be many friends who do not know about it. So let's take a look!

alliance coins
The role of alliance coins
Alliance coin is the third currency in the game besides silver and gold crowns, but this currency can only be consumed and used in Union Mall. There are many very good props sold in Union Mall, mainly including acceleration, benefits and resources. Different amount of alliance coins can correspondingly buy different props.

Acquisition of alliance coins
There are two main ways to obtain the alliance coins. One is through the daily donation of silver crowns in the Alliance Technology. The number of daily donationsis 20, and it will be restored over time. The number of donations per day can also be increased by raising the level of the lord. Each donation requires 50 silvercrowns for 75 alliance coins!

The other way is through alliance mutual aid, theamount of alliance coins of which is limitedevery day. At most 1500 alliance coins can be gained every day through it, 50 alliance coinseach time, so the top of the mutual aid is30 times and there will be no additional alliance coins income after that.

alliance acceleration
The most important thing is timein the game, the former will win the war between players who upgrades 5 level in advance and in the next day. So many players will use the constructionaccelerating bonus props when upgrading buildings, but this kind of props are like a drop in the bucket for buildings of many constructions. so it is very important to have an alliance at this time, because alliance acceleration can be applied for every building upgrading!

Alliance acceleration is Alliance Mutual aid. Every player can get help from every other member of the building under construction. The help they got every time can shorten the construction time. They can get help up to 20 times every time for a building is built or upgraded.

Okay, that's the introduction of alliance coins and alliance acceleration in " Legend: Rising Empire ". I believe that players have already known about alliance coins and alliance acceleration up to now, so try it in the game!


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