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Legend:Rising Empire Benefits and risks inventory for military activities

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The Landlord
Legend:Rising Empire  Benefits and risks inventory for military activities

There are many military activities in the game, such as war expedition, spying, co-defense, mass warfare, interception and so on. These military activities can bring benefits to players, but also accompanied by certain risks! So what we bring to you today is the benefits and risks inventory of military activities. Come and get to know!

war expedition
The main targets of players are the world's ordinary robbers, small NPC cities and other players. In the battle against the ordinary robbers and small NPC cities, the risk is mainly to lose a certain number of soldiers. The benefits vary according to the type of robbers. The benefits of small NPC cities are 25% silver crown's income of the city for 12 hours ! The benefits of the war against other players are a lot of resources and factional experiences, while the risk is to lose a lot of soldiers and factional experiences, not only that, but also to suffer military retaliation from the player!

The role of spying is mainly to obtain informations about a player's city, so the benefit is an e-mail with informations about the number of defense forces deployed in the player's city and the level of city walls and gates. The risk of the military operation is that the war horn will be opened and the city's war-free props cannot be used in 30 minutes, and then it will be impossible to escape from the attacks of other players!

The benefit of co-defense is that it can help other alliance members to increase the number of urban defensive forces, so that you can participate in defensive warfare when other players attacking the members, and the risk is that the troops you send may also suffer losses!

mass warfare
There are also a lot of targets of mass warfares, such as bandit camps, big NPC cities and other players. Bandit camp can bring benefits for a large number of attendant props and Lord equipment materials and other rich materials, the occupation of large NPC cities can bring the bonus effect of members of the whole alliance, and the first alliance that occupy the city, war players can also gain the first occupation reward according to the ranking! The risk is that a certain number of soldiers will be lost after the war.

The main targets of interceptions are the armies or caravans of other players. The main benefit of interception of the armies of other players are that to consume the enemy forces ahead of time and delay their arrival time. The disadvantage is that it is easy to lose a large number of soldiers or the whole army be destroyed. For other players'caravans, if there is no military escort, then the benefit will be part of the goods transported by the caravan. The loss is likely to be retaliated by the player, if there is military escort you will also lose some soldiers!

Okay, that's the benefits and risks inventory of military activities. I hope this article can help you play the game!


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