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How to deal with frequent full storage problem? Useful techniques for handlin...

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire: How to deal with frequent full storage problem? Useful techniques for handling the goods you’ve produced!

While playing the game, we never stop producing goods. No matter how they are consumed, there will still be some surpluses. And those left goods would be stored in the warehouse. With the increasing accumulation, the storage space will used up. Once the warehouse is full, it means that the process of goods production will end, which is unfavorable to our growth in the game. So, I’m here today to bring you some useful techniques for handling the excess goods you’ve produced, so as to solve the frequent full storage problem! Come and check it out.

There are two main reasons causing the storage problem: first there are too many goods; second, the storage space is too limited. To solve the problem, we must start from these steps.

First, upgrade our sub-warehouse and main castle

The main castle and sub-warehouse are buildings that can increase the storage limit in the game. But the upgrade conditions for the main castle are more demanding. Therefore, the better choice is to upgrade the sub- warehouse when encountering the full storage problem. And the production buildings around the warehouse can also provide production speed for you. That’s why the more sub-warehouses, the better. Because upgrading the sub-warehouse can not only increase its storage limit, but also increase the production speed.

Second, the sale of resources

Selling excess goods through the trade center, not only can change the excess goods troublesome excess good into money, but also can relief the tense storage shortage situation you’re in. If you don't want to sell these goods, you can raise their price very high. If they are still bought by others with that price, there won’t be any losses for you! It is also possible to sell goods to other players or NPC cities through the team. Because NPC cities will sometimes purchase goods with a high price. So, what you need to do is to get the excess goods sold right away while they are offering a high price.

Third, upgrade the buildings

A lot of materials are needed when we upgrade the buildings, especially some advanced buildings. We can use overmany materials to upgrade the buildings.  And
the advanced buildings will pay back more gains.

Fourth, launch a war

The prestige can be largely increased by war, which is very important for our faction upgrade. However, launching a war requires a lot of goods. It will be a good idea to launch a war against other players and use the goods for military production and city defense while we are having the full storage problem.

Fifth, discard the excess goods
The last choice would be discarding the excess goods. As the excess goods would limit our growth in the game, to selectively discard some of them would be more beneficial.

Ok, all these are the useful techniques I provide for you. Hopefully you can benefit from them.


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