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Introduction and cooperation of markets and residential houses

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The Landlord
There are many types of buildings in the game. These buildings are very important for the development of a city. Among them, apart from the city wall, the most numerous buildings can be built - residential houses, and the most important silver crone source of income buildings - markets. These two buildings are independent and cooperative in the game. so today I bring you the introduction and cooperation of the market and residential house. Come and have a look.

Market building is a must for every player in the game, because the market can bring in silver crone income. The number of markets that each player can build is different. After a certain level, several more markets can be built, but the number is not large. The number of markets built according to different factions is also different, such as the Money Empire. Factions can build a market when the faction level reaches 13, 49, 75 and 90. The residential house number of other factions can be built is much less than that of the money Empire faction.

Market building is the final link in the production chain of economic construction. It is mainly used to sell food to residents for tax revenue. If more advanced food is provided here, or various kinds of food can be added to the output bonus of silver crown, market building can bring in itself in addition to tax revenue, the city's prosperity bonus and the storage limit of silver crone.

residential house
The number of residential buildings is fixed for each player. With the upgrading of the main castle, the number of residential buildings in each level will be increased by four, so the higher the city, the more residential buildings!

The most direct use of residential houses is to raise the population ceiling of cities. First-class dwellings can provide a population ceiling of 20. After each upgrade, the ceiling will double. Apart from the role of raising the population ceiling, dwellings also provide urban prosperity. Besides, dwellings also provide market sales and population recovery rate bonus!

Market residence coordination
Residential houses provide population, the market sells food to residents, but in fact, coordination is not so simple. The coordination between market and residential houses is mainly geographical location. Players can achieve coordination by planning urban layout. As long as there are a large number of residential houses around the market, they can add to the market revenue! As shown in the figure, the five tier market covers eight houses, which can bring eight percent revenue bonus.

Well, that's the introduction and cooperation of the market and the residential houses, and the friends who have learned could try it in the game now.


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