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Legend:Rising EmpireHow to improve urban prosperity

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The Landlord
What is the use of urban prosperity in games? In fact, the prosperity of a city can reflect the overall situation of all the buildings in the city, and when the players upgrade the main castle, there is a requirement of urban prosperity in the upgrade conditions. Only you have a certain number of prosperity and the corresponding materials you can upgrade it, so the prosperity of the city is still very important. How can we improve the city's prosperity? Let's take a look at the strategy we brought today.

Build a lot of buildings
The main source of prosperity of a city is to build a large number of buildings. Different types of buildings, different number of prosperity. For example, building a dwelling can only get 5 prosperity points, while building a caravan post can get 15 prosperity points, so generally speaking, the more powerful the building is, the higher level of prosperity is. The prosperity of buildings is also related to the cost of building’s building and upgrading (materials and time), the higher the cost, the higher the prosperity.

However, not all buildings can achieve prosperity, there are three exceptions, that is, the wall, the gate and the main castle. Wall are the most buildings can be built in the game, the function of gates and the walls are similar, but they cannot achieve prosperity, many players thinks that the main castle can achieve prosperity, but in fact, although the upgrade of the main castle has the requirement of prosperity, it can not produce prosperity itself!

Upgrade buildings
Another source of urban prosperity is from the upgrading of buildings, because the number of buildings is limited, so it can not always achieve prosperity, so we have to upgrade buildings to obtain it. The number of prosperity from different buildings upgrading is different, the more advanced the buildings are, the more prosperity it brings when they upgrade! All are multiplied, and the multiplier of different buildings is different. It is four times the number of it when science and technology research institutes and tavern buildings upgraded, while the number of other buildings such as residential buildings are two times!
Each time a building is upgraded, its prosperity can be seen by clicking on the letter "i" of the building details. As shown below, the first-level scientific and technological research institute can bring 50 points of prosperity to the city, while the second-level is 200, which is the prosperity of the upgraded building, rather than the prosperity gain of the upgraded building.

Of course, buildings that are unable to achieve prosperity cannot achieve prosperous when upgrading. It only can achieve prosperity when they get other attribute additions!

This is the origin of urban prosperity in Legend: Rising Empire. I hope this article can help you play games.


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