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Legend:Rising Empire Introduction to economic system

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The Landlord
In the game, there are many modules are very important for the game, such as military system, servant system, etc. Among them, economic system plays an important role in the game, so what is the economic system? What I brought you today is the introduction of the economic system. Let's get to know about it.
The economic system has many modules in the game, and the economic system is composed of these modules.

Castle natural economic module
The first one is the castle natural economy module, which is very important to economic development in the game. Players can form a production chain by building economic buildings and matching the market of municipal buildings in the game . They can get tax by selling food to residents. This is what every player has to do. This part brings the most stable economic income.

Castle trading module
If you want to get the economy, you must develop trade, and you must build the trade center to trade. Trade center can bring you the sales of castle's own resources and acquisition of the columns. Through the resources of these columns on the shelf, the goods between players can be exchanged rationally! When both players have the building of the trade center, as well as the caravan posts and trading stations, they can trade remotely.

When the players want to buy materials, they can choose the city that player owns and sells the resources, or the NPC city, click on the trade, and choose the materials they need, they will send a caravan to the target city. When they reach the target city, the caravan will trade with the target city, if the goods of the target city or money does not meet the predetermined quantity, it will purchase the nearest quantity. After the completion, the caravans will bring their materials back to their city to complete the transaction. In addition, mark the purchase of goods in the acquisition field, there will be players who want to sell the corresponding resources send their caravans to sell the goods!

When players want to sell extra resources, they can not only cell their own resources to other players in the trade center, or be bought by Kevin Holler, but also send caravans to the player city or NPC city where they need these goods. The main approach is similar to purchasing, choose the player city or NPC city that needs and is willing to buy the resource, and then let the caravan carry on the transaction!

Well, that's the composition of the economic system, and bring economic development to their cities through different objects. If the economic system can be used reasonably, then you can go before most people in the game. I hope this article can help you!


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