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The introduction of building system in game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Landlord
Since players can build their own kingdom by constructing buildings in game Legend: Rising Empire, it is conceivable that various types of buildings would appear. There are many types of buildings in this game, but most of players feel headache in distinguishing them. Nor do they understand what the building system is. Based on these problems, I am here to introduce the building system to you. Come and check it out!
There are five categories of buildings in the game, namely, municipal, economic, industrial, weapons, and military. Different types of buildings play different roles in the building system. But they are all connected to each other. That’s how the building system comes into being!

First, municipal.
There are eight types of buildings in municipal category, which are residential houses, caravansaries, trade stations, science and technology research institutes, trade centers, pubs, markets and sub-warehouses. Because of their comprehensive functionalities, these buildings are called public buildings together with the main castle. Public buildings mean that they can have a lot of connections with other types of buildings. That’s why municipal buildings can be called the hub in the building system!

Second, economic.
There are six types of buildings in economic category, which are farmlands, plantations, livestock farms, bread workshops, brewery workshops and cooked food workshops. These buildings are mainly connected to the municipal market buildings. The various self-sufficient raw materials or finished products that are produced in these 6 buildings will go through the final building, which means the market, then bring economic benefits to the country after being sold.

Third, industrial.
There are eight types of buildings in the industrial category, which are logging houses, quarries, hunting huts, mining sites, wood processing plants, stone brick processing plants, leather processing plants and metal processing plants. Similar to the economic category, the various industrial raw materials and finished products with self-sufficiency can also be produced in these 8 types of buildings. As for these materials and finished products, they will be used in all buildings that are under construction or being upgraded! Therefore, industrial buildings are connected to almost all building construction and are an indispensable part of the building system!

Fourth, weapons.
There are seven types of buildings in weapon category, which are bow workshops, spear workshops, stalker equipment workshops, harness workshops and military vehicle workshops. Different equipment is produced in its corresponding building. For example, only in the training station of military buildings, can train soldiers of different arms!

Fifth, military.
There are 7 types of buildings in military category, which are defensive walls, city gates, military academies, turrets, training centers, military camps, and military hospitals. All of these buildings are constructed for wars. Besides, they are the most important part in the building system! It is also the most important building category for players to defend or attack!

So much for this article. All these above are my introduction for the building system. After reading this, I hope you achieve a deeper understanding about its concept!


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