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Legend:Rising Empire: the role of various buildings in inventory

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The Landlord
In the game of Legend:Rising Empire, players can get different effects by building different buildings. In many buildings, there must be many friends who have not yet figured out what the role of building is. So what we bring to you today is the inventory of all kinds of buildings. Let's take a look.

Main castle
Players'basic building, the role of the main castle is mainly: can provide population cap, storage cap and the bonus effect of nearby buildings, in addition to these, the main castle is the core building of players, the main castle level limits other buildings levels!
Residential housing
Residential housing provides a population ceiling, if the residential housing is within the coverage of the markets or pubs, it can also bring bonus of market sales or increase the speed of population recovery!
Trade Centre, trade station and caravan station
These three buildings can be said to be matched. The role of trade center is to provide a trading platform for players to sell and purchase resources. The role of trade station is to expand the number of columns on the shelf of resources of trade center and to increase the weight of columns. Caravan station can enable players to have a caravan. Use this caravan to buy resources from other cities!
Science and Technology Research Center
The function of this building is to carry out scientific research and technology. Successful research and technology can bring bonus results of games. The main technologies are: agricultural products, food, industrial raw materials, building materials, soldiers'weapons, soldiers' reinforcements!
Pubs can bring a very high population growth bonus. In addition, they can chat with adventurers to get information props, thus opening up adventures, which will win mysterious rewards!
The role of the market is to bring in the income of silver crown. By selling food, people can be taxed. Market tax is one of the most important sources of income of silver crown in the country.
Sub warehouse
The main function of the sub warehouse is to increase the storage limit of urban resources, and also to allow the construction of production resources around the warehouse to get a production rate bonus!
Farmland, plantation, livestock farm
The function of farmland is to produce all kinds of crops, plantations produce all kinds of fruits, and livestock farms produce all kinds of meat!
Bakery, liquor making workshop, cooked food workshop
The function of bakery is to produce various bread foods with crops as raw materials, wine workshop produces various alcoholic foods with various fruit flavor raw materials, and cooked food workshop produces meat food with various meat as raw materials.
Bow and Crossbow Workshop, Spear Workshop, Stealth Fittings Workshop, Horse Tool Workshop, Warrior Workshop, Armor Workshop, Magic Workshop
These seven buildings all produce weapons, bow and crossbow workshops produce bows and arrows, spear workshops produce spears, stealth fittings workshops produce stealth backpacks, horse tool and trolley workshops produce horse tools and axles, and armor workshops and magic workshops produce armor and magician's robes!
City walls, city gates and catapult towers
The walls and gates are used to defend against foreign enemies and have relatively high durability values. The role of catapult towers is mainly used to destroy the enemy in defense.
Training institutes, barracks, military hospitals, military academies
The role of the training institute is to consume population and weapons to train all kinds of soldiers. The barracks are to increase the capacity of soldiers. The military hospital is to receive wounded soldiers and spend a certain amount of time to recover them. The military academy is to consume silver crown to bring the attribute bonus of the Legion and the lord.

Okay, that's what I brought you to "Legend:Rising Empire" all kinds of architectural role inventory, I hope this article can bring help to your game!


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