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[Notice] 11/08/2018 Update Notification

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The Landlord
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     Legend: Rising Empire will undergo maintenance between 00:00-02:00 PST on November 8, 2018 (Beijing Time 15:00-17:00, November 8, 2018) during which time the game will be unavailable. Following maintenance, every player will receive 600 Gold Crowns as compensation for any inconvenience caused. #r#rMy Lord, #rFavilla has seen many changes lately. Your scouts have brought comprehensive reports, which I will now relay to you. Please keep these new developments in mind and strategize accordingly.

Added a second confirmation for the possibility of a skill being replaced when an attendant learns a skill.
Added a grading system for attendant power. Now you can view how strong your attendants are.
Increased all attendants' max starting attributes and strengthened their combat capabilities.
Increased the strength of all attendant talent skills.

Adjusted the refresh rules for bandits. "Treasure stealers" and "armed rebels" will no longer appear among level 1-3 bandits.
Increased field camp rewards: Defeating bandit camps will grant even more EXP potions and fine steel plates.

The maximum fame that you can earn daily from the following war actions:#r1. Attack the cities of other player lords.#r2. Other players attack your city.#rThe maximum for each is calculated independently. When you have earned the maximum fame from attacking the cities of other lords, you can still earn fame from defending your city.
When a player's current fame drops below a certain threshold, the required fame to level up a faction will be refreshed in real time. (Sometimes the fame shown may be a negative value. This is normal. Don't worry.)

Added to the daily rewards for the monthly card: Instead of 600 Gold Crowns, you will receive 1,200 Gold Crowns. You will also get an extra 8-hour Protection.
Added a variety of empire supply packs for sale.
An exclusive VIP chest feature has been added:#r1.Players can claim complimentary VIP chests daily based on their VIP level.#r2.Players can spend a certain amount of gold crowns to purchase exclusive VIP chests.

Added "The Empire Fights Back" event preview screen.
Reduced the difficulty of the 'Heaven Rewards the Diligent' quest.
Added lord equipment power: Leveling up or refining equipment affects equipment power.
Fixed the timing error in which the "insufficient resources" prompt displayed while training soldiers.
Fixed the timing error in which the "insufficient resources" prompt displayed while city trading.
The target city for caravan sales and purchases will have its location coordinates displayed in trade mail.
Added a translation feature in alliance mail.
Optimized beginner story quests.
Added: Territory target.

Changed the icon for "oak lumber". Now it's easier to differentiate between different building materials.
Optimized the operation of the slider switches on the Settings screen. Now it's easier to drag the sliders to the desired positions.
Optimized the screen feedback effect when receiving attendants directly.
When quest targets for a specific day in the "Nature's Gift" and "Heaven Rewards the Diligent" events are completed, a completion marker is added to the tab for the corresponding day.
When there are less than 48 hours left in an event, the "Nature's Gift" and "Heaven Rewards the Diligent" screens will display a clearer and more visible countdown.
Optimized display effects for the Shop screen.
Changed the rewards for the Beginner Quiz.


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