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Legend:Rising Empire Skills strategy of position protection of soldier

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The Landlord
In the game of Legend:Rising Empire , war is always accompanied by the whole game process, so its own defense mechanism is very crucial. If it is attacked by other players and its castle defense is particularly poor, then it will be plundered a lot of resources. The development gap is being opened, and it is still being bullied by other players all the time. In the process of defensive, the soldiers' arming is a major factor in defense. So how to properly choose the position of soldiers? Here are skills strategy of position protection of soldier for everyone!

Mechanism of number for soldiers
The defense mechanism of castle in the game only allows players to organize a defense to ten teams of defensive soldiers. However, each team has a maximum of 20 spaces to place the soldiers. The position occupied of each team is different. Basically, the fewer soldiers, the less space there is! There are only two types of arms of the services that can be armed on the wall, that is the Master and the Archer.

The wall is fully positioned
Around the castle, all players will prioritize arrange the wall. Because the distance of the long-range soldiers is limited, they will be placed on the wall closest to the castle, but the number of walls around the main castle is limited, so at this time, you need to know that in fact, the corner part of the wall can also be arranged irregularly. Use this skill reasonably to arrange much more long-range soldiers in the best position!

The position on the wall of the soldier must be concentrated
The wall can block the enemy's attack. When the enemy attacks the wall, the long-distance soldiers on the rear wall can make consumption in advance. After the first-level defense tower is broken, a large number of soldiers are poured out and the enemy soldiers are limited in the gunshot of the long-range soldiers, so you can effectively consume enemy forces!

The position of Shield Guard must be at the forefront
Shield Guard is a very important part of any battle, because it is the main body that absorbs damage. Although there is taunting skill, if the position of the shield is back at the back, then you can't absorb the damage in the first time. The killing of other arms of services will go against the output environment in the later stages of the war! Like cavalry, the speed of movement is very fast, you need to be placed at the back, because if you do not use the shield to attract firepower, the cavalry can easily be eliminated by fire!

Well, the above is the  skills strategy of position protection of soldier brought to everyone today. I hope this "Legend:Rising Empire" can help everyone!


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