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The introduction of production chain buildings in game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Landlord
In the game of Legend: Rising Empire, resources have always been a problem that players have to deal with. In addition to plundering other players' resources, the main source of resources is that produced in their own cities. The resource production chains are the general name of self-sufficient resources. Then what are these production chain buildings? Come and check it out!
First, raw material production building.
The resources are divided into: raw materials, secondary products and finished products. To produce finished products, you need to take low-level resources as raw materials. Therefore, the raw material production building is the first step of production chain buildings.

1. Economic class
There are three main types of economic raw materials, namely crops, fruits and meat. These three kinds of raw materials are produced individually by farmland, plantation and livestock farm. And these three types of buildings are called economic raw materials production building. One common feature among them is that they must all be built on fertile soil only!

2. industrial class
There are four main types of industrial raw materials, namely wood, stone, fur and metal. These four kinds of raw materials are produced by four types of buildings: logging houses, quarries, hunting huts and mining sites. And these four types of buildings are called industrial raw materials production building. Different from economic raw material production buildings, here the logging houses must be built near forest, hunting lodges must be built near hunting area, quarries can only be built near quarries, and mining sites can only be built near mines. These four types of buildings must strictly be located at the corresponding sites!
Second, raw materials processing building.
After getting enough raw materials from the raw material production building, you may want to process them into better resources! Therefore, raw material processing building is the second step of the production chain buildings!

1. Economic class
Corresponding to those three kinds of economic raw materials, there are also three types of raw materials processing buildings, which are bread workshops, brewing workshops and cooked food workshops. And the economic raw materials can be processed into finished products there! Besides, there are no specific location requirements for these workshops!

2. industrial class
Corresponding to four kinds of industrial raw materials, there are also four types of raw material processing buildings, which are wood processing factories, stone brick processing factories, leather processing factories and metal processing factories. There are no specific location requirements for these factories!

3. Military class
Those four types of industrial raw materials can also be applied to military processing buildings. For example, raw wood can be used to produce bow and arrow weapons in the bowing workshop; stones can be used to produce spear weapons in the spear workshop; leather can be used to make knapsacks and master coats in the stalker equipment workshop and Magic energy workshop; metal can be used to produce harnesses and armor in the harness workshop and armor workshop. However, the military vehicle workshop can only start producing with both wood and stone!
Third, the resources circulation building.

1. Economic class
The market is one of the main places for the circulation of economic resources. By selling economical finished product resources, you can collect silver krona taxes from residents and save them!

2. industrial class
Industrial finished product resources are mainly used for buildings’ upgrading and construction!

3. Military class
The value of military finished product resources can be reflected through military training, which means those resources are used for shaping powerful soldiers!

These are the introduction of the production chain building that I want to share with you. I hope you can benefit from it.


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