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Legend:Rising Empire building collocation defense formation strategy

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The Landlord
In the game, how to defend against the attack of other players has always been a concern of many players, but for various formations, there are always advantages and disadvantages, so in the continuous exploration of players, also summed up a variety of defensive formations, but the most prominent one is the building with defensive formation, so today, we bring you Several common building collocation defense formations. Let's take a look.

1.The defensive formation of side dense buildings
Buildings in the game are durable. In defensive warfare, as long as there are a large number of buildings on the path, it can interfere with the enemy's army, so that it has to destroy the buildings along the way, in the process of advancing, so on the side of the enemy's attack, a large number of buildings can be installed, which can drag the enemy's advancing. Then we kill the enemy as fast as we can use the time we bought, we can win.

2.Around the building defense formation
The biggest difference between this kind of formation and the previous one lies in its comprehensiveness. Because the number of buildings is very large, players can consider wrapping a layer of buildings around the wall, so that they can not only use the additional effect around the main castle, but also play the most peripheral defensive means, so this is also the method players often need to use!

3.Inlay building defense formation
As for the resistance effect of buildings, although it is not as high as the durability value of city walls and gates, it can still play a buffer effect. For too scattered buildings, sometimes the enemy may bypass these buildings and attack the city walls directly, so the resistance effect of buildings is very small, therefore, it is possible to avoid such a situation when buildings are embedded in multi-storey walls. so that the enemy must pass through the buildings 100% to reach the castle, but the shortcoming of this formation is that the number of walls needed is very large, so it is not recommended for novice players to use in the beginning!

4.Attached guided defense formation
In the guided formation, a large number of folding buildings are placed on the guided path, so that the enemy forces need to bypass them even if they do not attack such buildings, thus greatly increase the length of the path of the guided formation. The effect is that we have more time to attack the enemy forces!

Okay, that's what I brought to my friends today. I hope it will help you in the game.


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