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[Notice] 05/31/2018 Update Notification

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The Landlord
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Legend: Rising Empire will undergo maintenance between 00:00-02:00 PST on May 31, 2018 (Beijing Time 15:00-17:00, May 31, 2018) during which period the game will be unavailable. Following maintenance, all players will receive 1,200 Gold Crowns as compensation for any inconvenience caused. #rMy Lord, #rFavilla has seen many changes of late. Your scouts have brought comprehensive reports, which I will now relay to you. Please keep these new developments in mind and strategize accordingly.

Adjusted the initial positioning of one's battle formation.
Removed the setting where players were unable to initiate multiple army attacks on the same player simultaneously.
The weight of resources and other relevant information is now displayed in the Battle Report and Detection Report.
Adjusted the AI of some soldiers during battle.
Added a feature to speed up and withdraw scouts.
Optimized some garrison features.
Optimized the Expedition screen.
Optimized the info display on the Assemble Team screen.
Added a feature that returns stamina if a field camp does not enter battle.
Reduces the mobility costs of bandit camps and bandits.
Increases the range and power of crossbow towers.

Alliance System
Added the Alliance Chat channel to Alliance Siege. Players can now communicate internally to coordinate siege battles.

Building System
When you tap the Silver Crown icon above the market to collect Silver Crowns, you will collect the Silver Crowns from all markets in the city.
Canceled stars configuration for the bathhouse.
Changed the icon and product mark of the hunting lodge on the Building screen, and adjusted the design of the hunting lodge on the Purchase Buildings screen.
Added a city administrator feature that will remind lords to pay attention to what's going on in the city.
The level-up preview for the school now shows the changes in the number of quests after leveling up.
Adjusted the screen display.
Fixed a bug where workers in some production buildings face the wrong direction when working.
Added two confirmations for using Gold Crowns to speed up the recovery of wounded.

Other Optimizations
Added a notification for when a lord's mobility has fully recovered. Now you can give orders to your troops in a more timely manner.
Adjusted the actions of male lords on the equipment display screen, and optimized lord equipment effects.

Lord System
Added a Quick Convert feature for lord equipment materials. You can use Quick Convert to automatically fuse low-grade materials or disassemble high-grade materials to obtain the required quantity of the specified material.

When content, such as X123,Y123 are sent in a chat, they will automatically be converted to coordinates and displayed on the chat screen as (X123,Y123).

Technology System
Adjusted the BR system so that you will also gain a BR bonus when you increase technology research.

Item/Backpack System
Added a second interface requiring confirmation before using battle immunity items for coverage.

Beginner's Tutorial
Added instructions for placing archers and doom sorceresses on ramparts.

Added new effects when choosing soldiers in the training ground.
When you are unable to equip lord equipment, the "Equip All" button will be grayed out.
When you don't have any sign-in assists, the red dot hinting for you to request for sign-in assistance will now be hidden on the Alliance screen.
Added a feature that allows player to tap and view a larger image of a player's avatar.
Modified the rules for naming lords. You can now use some symbols when naming or renaming a lord.
Optimized the attribute growth effect when a castle is leveled up.
Added a tip explaining that there is no damage during story stages.
Optimized the location of the close chat screen button when the text entry screen is open so that you are still able to close the chat screen.

Beginner's Tutorial
Added instructions for placing archers and doom sorceresses on ramparts.


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