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Inventory of the access of relevant materials of the attendant

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire Inventory of the access of relevant materials of the attendant

There are many contents about the acquisition of attendant materials in the attendant system. These materials have a lot to do with the summoning and cultivation of the attendants. Today, what I brought to you is the inventory of the access of relevant materials of the attendants. Come and see.

Obtain by attacking the bandit camps
One of the important ways for players to obtain the relevant materials of the attendants is to attack the bandit camps, which can bring rewards such as summoning 5 kinds of attendant tokens, the skills books of attendants and the book of apocalypse, the water of baptism props. Among them, the tokens and the skills books of attendants will be higher rewards along with the higher rank of bandit camps.

Obtain by treasure hunting
Players can search for treasures by using mysterious map props in the game, and there is a chance to obtain a random level of attendant tokens and attendant skills books.
Purchase from shopping malls
Whether in prop stores or alliance stores, there are props of baptism water and Apocalypse books for sale. These two props are very important for the training of attendants.

Daily tasks
In the reward of the last activity treasure box of the daily task, you can get the remnants of the epic skills book of attendants. After collecting a certain number of these remnants, they can exchange for the random skills books of attendants.

Favella competition
The Favila Competition is held every two hours. Players can get baptism water props from the accumulated points reward. In addition, they can also get the Apocalypse books props reward by participating in the competition ranking of the whole region.

The strongest master activity
As long as the players reach the stage goal in total service activities - the strongest master, they can get corresponding rewards. The rewards include a large number of attendant tokens and baptism water props. Participating in the ranking of total service can also get attendant token optional boxes. The higher the ranking, the higher the attendant token optional boxes.

Obtain VIP Daily Gift Box
The corresponding daily treasure box can be collected every day when reaching a certain VIP level. The treasure box contains a large number of materials, including mysterious token box. Open the gift box and obtain random grade and type of attendant tokens.

Above is the inventory of the access of relevant materials of the attendant, hoping to bring help to your game.


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