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Legend: Rising Empire Introduction of equipment system

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Legend: Rising Empire  Introduction of equipment system

Players can build their own master equipment through the equipment system in the game. Master equipments can provide a large number of bonus attributes. You should know what the equipment system is in order to get these bonuses. Today we are bringing you the introduction of the equipment system. Let's have a look.

Equipment interface
The equipment system is a special part of the game. You need to click on the head of the person in the upper left of the main interface to see the equipment columns of the equipment interface. Players can possess up to eight pieces of master equipments, including sword, helmet, shoulder armor, jacket, hand armor, trousers, shoes and badges.

The role of equipments
Since being equipments, they can bring fighting power bonus consequentially. First of all, the basic bonus effect of equipments are: attacking power and life value bonus of the master and legion, attacking power bonus of sword, helmet, hand armor, shoes, life value bonus of shoulder armor, jacket, trousers and badges. The bonus of attacking power and life value of the master is fixed, while it's a percentage bonus for the legion.

Advancement and Upgrading of Equipments
Of course, if the master equipments only have the basic bonus effects, then the equipment system will not be so strong. The potential of the master equipments is that it can be advanced and upgraded. It has opened a total of eight phases of master equipments in the game at present, including: dawn, Eagle’s song, leader's certificate, flame era, immortal iron lion, crown, Wolf Knight of Favilla and King of Favilla. The higher the level of equipments, the higher the bonus is. In addition, equipments can be upgraded, up to level 70, the higher the level, the higher the bonus.

Equipment refining
Not only promoting and upgrading can improve the bonus effects of equipments, but also through equipments refining to get more bonuses, which makes the role of equipments more powerful, so that the bonus of equipments is not limited to the bonus effect of military.

How to acquire equipments
Since the functions of equipments are so powerful, how can players acquire master equipments? In fact, in order to acquire master equipments, players need to collect all the materials to build master equipments. There are only two ways to acquire these equipment materials: one is to attack the bandit camp and have the chances to acquire them, the other is to synthesize the material fragments and then forge the equipment they want.

Besides, it is also possible to get the master equipments through treasure hunting in the game directly. of course, this requires players to have strong personality.

Above is the introduction of equipment system of " Legend: Rising Empire ", I hope this article can be helpful to everyone's game.


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