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How to Forge and Evolve the Lord Equipment

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The Landlord
How to Forge and Evolve the Lord Equipment

The lord equipment is a very important part of the player's city in this game. But there may be many players that don't know how to forge and evolve them. So, I’m going to give you the answer in the following passage.

First, the forge of the lord equipment
How do players get the lord equipment? In fact, there are two ways, one is to forge them by the equipment materials, and the other is to hunt the treasure, which may give them the chance to obtain the lord equipment. Because the second one is just a possibility, so we will mainly talk about the first one – the forge of the lord equipment.

Before to forge, players have to meet the initial requirements for forging a piece of equipment. The required materials for a grade 1 equipment includes:
4 pieces of soft leather, 9 rolls denim and 2 chain armors. There are also different ways to obtain materials, which includes attacking the bandit camps and integrating the material fragments. What’s more, if the lords reach to a certain level, a certain amount of materials will be given to them as rewards.

We’ll put emphasis on how to get materials by attacking bandit camps. First, players have to be clear that there is a limitation on the rewards times each day, which means we can get 10 rewards at most, but the maximum reward chance is 5. If the chance you have taken is less than 5, then you’ll still have chance in every 144 minutes when it was restored. Therefore, whoever want to forge the lord equipment shall make full use of the daily rewards chance they have. Besides, players shall also know that no attack toward the bandit camp can be made if they are alone. So, they should join in an alliance first if they want to forge equipment by attacking the bandit camp.
The materials obtained each day through the camp can accelerate the forging of the lord equipment.

Second, the evolvement of the lord equipment
The equipment evolvement is also the upgrading among suits, which can evolve the low-grade suit into the high grade one. And the attributes of the equipment will get improved after evolvement.

The evolvement order of the equipment suit is: Daybreak, Faleon’s Song, Leadership Proof, Age of Flame, Iron Lion, Coronet, Wolf Knight, King of Favilla.

The requirements for evolving the lord equipment are the same as those for forging the equipment. They both need materials. Besides, the more advanced this lord equipment is, the more advanced materials will be needed for its involvement. The materials differentiate for the evolving of different equipment suits. Detail information are as follows:
Daybreak & Faleon’s Song: chain armor, soft leather and denim
Leadership Proof & Age of Flame: glowing falcon feather, double thick cow skin and stainless-steel disc
Iron Lion & Coronet: six-side chain armor, pattern steel, red fox skin and embroidery thick forgoing
Wolf Knight & King of Favilla: lava iron, petrochemical lizard skin, white mink fur and black and gold colored pattern steel
The advanced lord equipment materials can usually be obtained by attacking the advanced bandit camps. As with the equipment, the daily rewards for attacking the bandit camps should not be wasted. The equipment materials obtained each day through the camp can speed up evolving the equipment for players.

All those above is the introduction on how to forge and evolve the lord equipment. Hopefully, this can help you in your game.


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