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Introduction of Alliance System-The Importance of an Alliance

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The Landlord
      Some players would consider it is a useless chat system when they take notice of the alliance system in the game. Whether it is just a console game with the so call “alliance system”? Well, it is not as you imagine this time. Let me introduce the “alliance system” in this game, which is more powerful than you may think.

      The earlier you join an alliance, the more benefits you can get. Players should join an alliance as soon as the function is available. The higher level of the alliance, the better benefits it will provide. Hence, a high-level alliance is your priority.

Members List

      The player can see information of all members in the alliance in this interface, which includes the member list, lord level, castle level, alliance contribution, and online status. You can decide whether to trade, cooperate, and battle by their castle level and online status.

Alliance Benefits 1-Alliance Technology

      The higher the level of the alliance, the more level corresponding alliance technology that can be upgraded. Alliance technology includes economy, military, and technology. An alliance will give different growth rates according to the different type of technologies that are upgraded.

Alliance Benefits 2-Alliance Gifts

      Each time the players build or upgrade buildings, the status will be shown in the alliance assist interface, players can help each other to speed up building construction. Players can obtain a certain number of alliance coins by helping other members, and the limit of alliance coins you can get per day is 270,000 (it may be upgraded by your title).

      In addition to alliance assist, players also can receive gifts from other members in the alliance. The gifts come from leveling up of castles or lords of other alliance members. There is no limit to the gifts that you can receive every day. As long as your allies reach the corresponding conditions, players can receive the gifts. Therefore, the earlier you join an alliance, the more benefits you can obtain.

Alliance Benefits 3—Alliance Mall

      Players can purchase items from the alliance mall to quickly upgrade their territory. The items in alliance mall are relocate tools, marching speed up, mobility, recruitment etc. You can purchase these items by using alliance coins from the daily missions.

      Except for obtaining the props in alliance mall by completing daily mission and allies’ gift, the players can only purchase these props by gold crown or purchase them in alliance mall. So the alliance has become an indispensable function of this game.

Alliance Benefits 4—Assemble For Battle

      In addition to the above mentioned, the cooperation in battles is one of the most important benefits from the alliance. If players are attacked by other higher-level lords, they can assemble other members in an alliance to get some revenge.

      Players can tap the assemble button in the “Occupy-Target” pop-up window. You can select different assemble times to call for your allies. When time is up, you and your allies can attack your target together and enjoy the fun of a joint battle.

      If players do not know much about your allies in an alliance, you can tap the ‘Change Log’ button to check more information about the recent battles and try to make friends with the allies who have more experience than others.

Alliance Sign

      After joining an arbitrary alliance, there is an alliance symbol shown beside your castle icon on the large map. We suggest players migrate their castle to alliance territory after joining an alliance to provide reinforcement. By doing this, you may assemble allies, joint defense and inter-city trade will also become easier. In fact, if all alliance members are located in the same area with same alliance symbol, it shows your strength to others.

      That’s all for the introduction of the alliance system, for more information you can check the official forum of ‘Glory of Empire’!


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