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A Summary on the Function of Mobility in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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A Summary on the Function of Mobility in Game Legend: Rising Empire

In this game, mobility belongs to consumable resource of the city. While interacting with other cities, a certain amount of mobility will be consumed. That’s also why they are very important. Today, I’m going to summarize the functions of mobility for you. Come and check it out!

First, the alliance battle & the city battle (50 points)
Players have to spend 50 points of mobility if they want to fight against other players. In addition, the alliance battle or the occupation of other NPC cities also requires 50 points.

Second, attack bandits (10 points)
There are various bandits in the wild, such as armed rebels, time thieves, treasure thieves, and deserters. Although the rewards are different after repelling the bandits of different types, the mobility we need to consume is the same, which is 10 points.

Third, bandit camp (20 points)
In order to make an assemble attack toward the bandit camp, players need to first join an alliance. It takes 20 points to launch an assembly, so is to participate in the camp assembly initiated by the alliance members.

Fourth, scout (5 points)
The war horn will be blown when you initiate a scout to other players. If their city refused to accept your scout, then it will be invalidated. But within 30 mins, that city can’t make any refusion again. The initiation of scout will help you obtain information on the enemy's strength and defense building level, which takes 5 points.

Five, garrison (10 points)
For players in the same alliance, you can garrison them by dispatching 100-space units of soldiers to their city, which will enhance their military defense. And it takes 10 points to do that.

Six, ambush (50 points)
The ambush can only be conducted to the players who are not in the same alliance with you. Players need to consume 50 points for starting an ambush.

In short, mobility is the foundation of all military activities. And the short of mobility will limit your interactions with other cities. Therefore, players should always check whether their mobility is sufficient, so as to avoid embarrassing situations that may happen to them. Well, all these are the summary on the function of mobility in game Legend: Rising Empire. Hopefully, this can help you.


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