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The Acquisition and Max Limit of Mobility in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Acquisition and Max Limit of Mobility in Game Legend: Rising Empire

In this game, a certain amount of mobility has to be consumed if the players’ city is going to engage in military campaigns, scouts, defenses, or other military activities. It can be said that “no mobility, no military development”. From this, we can tell how important the mobility is in this game. But how to get it and what’s its max limit? Come and check this out!

First, the max limit of mobility
Each player has a maximum of 200 points mobility in the game. There is currently no technology or attribute bonus effect to increase the limit. Using the mobility items can help the players to exceed the max limit, but its natural recovery will be stopped as well.

Second, the acquisition of mobility
The mobility can be obtained through different ways as followings:

1.natural recovery
The players mobility could be recovered after a certain period of time if it’s lower than the max limit. The recovery speed is: one point per 180 seconds.

And the recovery speed of mobility can be improved by the bonus effect through the alliance technology. In this way, their recovery speed will be improved faster. Because to promote one grade of the technology in that alliance, the recovery speed can be increased by 0.5%.

2. the obtaining of daily king mission
In the daily king mission, players can get the activity as long as they complete the specified conditions of the mission. When the activity points reach a certain amount, they will receive the corresponding rewards, which include a number of mobility items. A ten-point mobility item can be obtained in the second, third and fourth treasure chest. And two of the same items can be acquired in the last one.

3. purchase in the item shop
By consuming the gold krona in item shop, players can get the corresponding item they want. And the 100-point mobility is priced at 300 gold kronor.

In addition to the item shop, the mobility can also be purchased in alliance shop. However, what they need to consume there is not the gold krone, but the alliance coin. And the price for the 10- point mobility item is 1000 coins.

4. obtain through the strongest lord activity
Players can earn rewards by participating in the full-service event, named The Strongest Lord. The mobility item is part of the rewards.

Okay, all these are about the acquisition and max limit of mobility. Hopefully, this will be useful for you all.


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