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Highly Recommended Skills on Collocating Arms for City Battle and Alliance Si...

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The Landlord
Highly Recommended Skills on Collocating Arms for City Battle and Alliance Siege War in Game Legend: Rising Empire

Both city battle and alliance siege war are very common to be seen in this game. The purpose for players launching wars against other players or alliances launching wars against NPC cities is to achieve a better development for their own city or alliance. Even though it is not an easy job to be the winner. But there are still methods that can help you, which is the collocation of arms. What I’m going to show you today is how to get the arms well collocated. Come and check it out!

First, city battle
There are two types of arm collocation in city battle, namely, the initiators’ military collocation and the assemblers’ military collocation. We can also call them: main attack and co-attack.Because the assembled military will be affected by the bonus effect of the assembler's military, so it is better to find the high-ranking team when the assembly is needed; besides, players also need to focus on the attendant collocation for their military would be affected by the skill bonus effect of those attendant as well.  

1. The collocation of main attack arms
Whoever launches the city battle is called the pioneering team, and they can send 200 space unit troops to against other players. But the army they sent out must have a strong anti-fronting ability and the destruction ability of the city wall. Usually, we would recommend those players to take at least 10 shield guards with them during the war, in order to minimize the damage from enemies at the first several rounds. We’d also suggest them take 2 catapults or 1 siege vehicle so as to quickly destroy the enemy’s city wall. And the other arms are recommended to carry remote output units to ensure a sufficient output for the army.

2. The collocation of co-attack arms
Co-attack means that you can participate in the war by joining the military assembly initiated by other players, which needs two additional members. And each member can take an army of 100 space units. Even though, it’s only of the main attack military in number, they are also playing a crucial role. Because players can collocate this 100 space units with a same kind of arms while co-attacking, in order to give full play to the characteristics of the unit.

According to the main attack players’ arm collocation, the co-attack players will make corresponding changes. For example, if the main attack players lack the ability to absorb front-end damage, then the co-attack players should collocate shielded arms as their main force; if the main attack players’ combat ability is very high and the outcome of the war is obvious, then the co-attack players can also carry 100 functional arms - stalkers, to improve their benefits of war.

Second, the alliance siege war
Only the leader or deputy leader of an alliance is qualified to launch the alliance siege war. Most of the players are just able to participate in the war after the assembly being initiated. But each alliance member who participates in the war can send 5 troops to the assembled military. Because the space for each troop is limited, so the arms for alliance siege war need to be well collocated, which means the troop arms has to be well collocated before being sent out.
For the alliance siege war, we would divide the first two troops as advanced force while the rest three as follow-up force. Because of the difference in roles of these two forces, therefore, our recommendations on the arm collocation are also not the same.

1. Advance troop
Advance troop is the first troop assigned by players during the alliance siege war. At this phase, players are recommended to take remote soldiers and siege equipment with them. At the beginning of this war, the main task is to destroy the remote units on the enemy wall and breach their city wall in the limited time.

2. Follow-up troop
After breaching the city wall, what we need to handle is the catapult and a large number of enemy melee units. Besides, the castle would be exposed by then. It is also the time for us to assign the follow-up troops, which needs to have a strong anti-fronting capability and a tremendous destructive power. Based on these considerations, we recommend players to take shield guards and havoc masters with them at this phase.
This way of collocating siege arms would help players achieve a better ranking in the alliance siege war. What’s more, this will also bring them more rewards.

Okay, all those above are what I want to share with you today. Hopefully, this can be useful for you.


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