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[Notice] 12/06/2018 Update Notification

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The Landlord
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      Legend: Rising Empire will undergo maintenance between 00:00-02:00 PST on December 06, 2018 (Beijing Time 15:00-17:00, December 06, 2018) during which time the game will be unavailable. Following maintenance, every player will receive 600 Gold Crowns as compensation for any inconvenience caused.

My Lord,
      Favilla has seen many changes lately. Your scouts have brought comprehensive reports, which I will now relay to you. Please keep these new developments in mind and strategize accordingly.

      To give alliances more options when selecting a city to attack, we've removed the restriction in which an assembly to attack a regular cities in another kingdom can only be called after occupying the Royal Castle.
      In response to the frequency of Alliance Wars and in order to guarantee logistical supplies, we've increased the tribute supplies from alliance-occupied cities.
      At our request, trade tax will no longer be levied when trading with alliance-occupied cities.
      Due to an increase in tribute supplies from alliance-occupied cities, buff strength for some alliance cities have been decreased.

      "Knights Glory" is now live! The event will last 3 days. The rules are as follows:
1. At the start of the event, all lords can freely relocate into Steliad Empire territory. After each relocation, there will be a 12-hour wait time before the next free one.
2. Lords who have garrison soldiers while within the Steliad Empire will qualify for a gift from the king: knight medals (gifted once every 5 minutes). The higher the level of garrison soldiers and the larger the population covered, the more knight medals will be earned (extra knight medals can be earned by helping ally garrisons). Killing another lord's soldiers will also yield more knight medals.
3. Collect knight medals to claim rewards in corresponding stages.
4. The King will send rewards to the top 100 players from the Knight Medals rankings daily. Player Rankings are reset once daily.
5. Defeating bandits, bandit camps, and NPC cities does not yield knight medals, but will grant alliance knight medals. The amount of alliance knight medals acquired by you and your allies will determine your alliance's position in the leaderboard. At the end of the event, the king will grant rewards based on the alliance rankings.

Adjusted the event score requirements and reward display for Favilla Competition.

      Adjusted the strength of some skill values, specifically:#r1. Increased the attack speed value added by the skill "Berserk".#r2.Increases the duration of Berserk, Smash, Charge and Haste.
      Added a siege point display to the Soldier screen in Alliance Battle and Alliance Battle Report.

      Optimized the city administrator feature: Now you can jump to the production screen from the 'insufficient materials' tip to check the details.

      New first top-up gifts: Top up any amount to receive the epic attendant Lynn Chalme.
      "Protection (1 hr)" is no longer sold in the Item Shop.

      Optimized the feedback animation when overall strength increases.
      Optimized the relevant tips for Alliance War:
1. If an alliance city where you have garrisoned soldiers is under attack, the relevant garrison tip in the left field will flash red.
2. If a city that is occupied by your alliance is under attack, the Alliance icon will flash red.
      Added the leaderboard display to overall strength player rankings.
      Optimized the token quality display for selectable token boxes in shops.
      Optimized the selection tip for selectable items. Tap selectable chests in the Item Shop to display details of the chest's materials.
      Optimized the quality color display of adventure intelligence.


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