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Methods on Balanced Materials Allocation in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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The Landlord
Methods on Balanced Materials Allocation in Game Legend: Rising Empire

Because of the difference between each player's priority building category and faction, there will be a shortage in some materials, and a surplus in others. Then what should we do to achieve a balanced material acquisition in this game? Come and check this out!

In this game, the sign of exclamation mark often appears on some buildings, which means those production buildings have stopped running for lacking materials. The suspension of production represents a low efficiency and that is unfavorable for players’ development in the game.

What’s more, you can also see that some materials that are particularly rich in the resource overview, which can’t be run out no matter how to consume them. And this is also a waste of resources because it occupies the limited storage space you have.

First, improve the production of scarce resources
In order to realize a balanced resources allocation, players must first improve the production of the scarce ones. Therefore, they need to move the scarce materials production buildings near the castle, which will help speeding up the production. In order to maximum the effect of these buildings, they can also move the sub-warehouses close to them!

Due to the restrictions on mining area, the raw materials production buildings can’t be moved near the castle. So, moving sub-warehouses around scarce resources production buildings instead is a very good method, which can accelerate the acquisition of scarce materials.

Second, apply gradient production
Sometimes, the shortage or surplus of resources appears because the players forget to manage the gradient production of resources. The poor management of resources’ gradient production can result in the low-level materials increasing, while the advanced materials decreasing. That’s why players have to firstly get the low-level materials well allocated in their production if they want to obtain higher-level resources.

The production of advanced resources is based on low-level resources. So, players can think about producing more advanced resources when they have a large number of low-level resources!

Third, sell the excess resources
By selling the surplus resources, players can get silver krona and use it to acquire the scarce materials, which is also very helpful for the balanced material acquisition! And there are more than one selling approaches. Those resources can be sold through the trade center, or through the caravan to other players on the world map or NPC cities!

Okay, these are all about balanced resource allocation methods in game Legend: Rising Empire. Hopefully, this article can provide some helps for you.


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