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A Short Tutorial of ‘Glory of Empire’

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The Landlord
      After playing‘Glory of Empire’ for a period, do you still get confuse about the game? You may not know what to do and how to improve yourself. Just let them go, this tutorial may help you to become a lord with power and wisdom.


     ‘Glory of Empire’ is a simulation game with strategies for trade and war. There are three things that the players are going to do. First, enhance the development of economy of your territory, which means players need to gather more resources to upgrade their castle; second, purchase more materials by earning more silver crowns, more trades are needed. To earn more money is the core strategy for development, no matter your sale or buy the materials. Third, be ready for the war, players need to increase their power by plundering resources to become a powerful lord with great discourse.

How to play in the early stage of the game?

      In the early stage of the game, players need to improve the development of their buildings, and take full advantage of these gameplay to create a powerful empire when we are ready for trade, research and war.

How to Use Silver Crown and Gold crown?

      Silver crown is mainly used for purchase and develop land, also to purchase the trade resources and restore the HP of lord. As for the gold crown, it is used to purchase some items and to accelerate the speed of building construction in the game.

How to Make the Schedule of Your Land Development in Game?

      As my personal perspective of view, I recommend the players to develop the industry first, then agriculture, military and public in turn. You can try to upgrade the level of your castle by this process. After upgrading your level, the military force will be developed, then, you are able to struggle for power.

How to Fight with Bandits?

      The players can obtain equipment materials through defeating bandits. You can become stronger after you have more equipment and upgrade them. Then you can enable them to increase growth in the territory.

Tips For Increasing Population

      It is not necessary to build too many dwellings unless you need to upgrade your castle. After all, the use of dwellings is limited; if players build too many dwellings, many spare dwellings will lie idle, which will be a waste of resources. Players can slowly increase residence through upgrading the dwellings.

Looting Resources

      If you plan to attack other player’s castles, thieves are a must in your troops. As a character who specializes in stealing goods, he can steal large quantities of materials, these materials are more important than occupying other players ‘territories.’

Using Speed Up Tools

      Do not be stingy with the use of speed up tools, players can obtain the tools from a variety of different ways, try to develop your city as fast as you can. During one week of playing, I found that I cannot consume all the speed up tools given, so do not hesitate to use them.  

How to Defeat Bandits

      Before you can train cavalry, you’d better only try to attack level 1 and level 2 bandits, the bandits above level 3 need corresponding troops to counter them, otherwise the losses will be great. If your troops are much stronger than your enemies, you can choose auto mode for the battle.

Pay More Attention on the Development of Trade

      Trade can bring a lot of resources to players, which include some rare materials and silver crown. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance your trade. If you only rely on upgrading your buildings to obtain resources, the promotion speed will be very slow, so make sure to utilize trade.

      That all for the tricks and tips this time, hope it can help you in the game. For more information you can check the official forum of “Glory of Empire”!


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