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Different Factions and Their Features in Game Legend: Rising Empire

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Different Factions and Their Features in Game Legend: Rising Empire

In game Legend: Rising Empire, once the player's main castle reaches level 3, they must choose a city faction to continue their development. On the Favila continent, each faction has its own unique development mode and faction effect. Whoever can understand and use them would become the overlord of the entire Favila continent! But what is the faction system? What is the difference between factions? Come and take a look of the strategy I brought to you today!

First, the faction system
The faction system will be opened after the player’s third-level castle being upgraded. There are three factions to choose, namely, the money empire, the industrial giant, and the king of war, which are also called the three major factions. And they can bring different gain effects to the players. The faction system is mainly to let players know the direction of the castle’s development. Theses factions can be changed from one to another, but it will only be free for the first time. While changing it for the second time, it will take some time.

After joining a faction, players will be placed in the initial position of the faction. In order to promote their rank, they need to complete the faction’s positional tasks. The higher a faction’s level is, the more exclusive effect will be obtained by players in it. Moreover, they can also activate additional faction-specific buildings. As the faction level advances, additional inheritance effect will be offered to them while they reach a new position. And this effect will last forever even if the faction is changed in the future.

Second, features of factions
1. Money Empire
The money imperial faction is also called the economic faction, which has a strong economic ability. As a result of the faction's bonus effect, it can build a large number of economic buildings and markets after achieving a certain faction level. This also provides a way for this faction to manage the silver krona it has earned at the early stage. In addition, this empire possesses very high bonus effect for remote soldiers and siege equipment. It can also be said that this money empire has a remarkble remote unit and siege effect except the economic strength.

2. Industrial Giant
The industrial giant faction is referred to as the industrial faction. Different from the strong economic ability of the economic faction, this one is characterized by its strong industrial capabilities. A large number of industrial buildings and warehouses can be unlocked by the industrial faction after approaching a certain faction level. That will give this faction the advantage of being able to quickly produce large quantities of industrial materials and obtain a large storage limit. Once the industrial faction accumulated lots of industrial materials, it can have more advanced buildings than other factions. What’s more, the industrial factions can also have bonus effect on the durability of defense facilities and the strength of melee soldiers. So, it has a horribly solid city defense and melee units.

3, The King of War
The king of war is also called the war faction. When the war faction reaches a certain faction level, it can bring the bonus effect to the whole army. Therefore, whether in a remote unit or a melee unit, the war faction is indispensable. What can be unlocked by the war faction are industrial buildings and weapons military buildings. Although this faction has a comprehensive and powerful military power, the conditions for its promotion are more demanding than other factions. So, it is relatively weak at the early developing stage.

In the selection of factions, we must be aware of their features. No matter in which faction, there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, players need to reasonably make use of their characteristics.
Well, all above is about the factions and their features. Hopefully, you can benefit from it.


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