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[Notice] 11/22/2018 Update Notification

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The Landlord
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      Legend: Rising Empire will undergo maintenance between 00:00-02:00 PST on November 22, 2018 (Beijing Time 15:00-17:00, November 22, 2018) during which time the game will be unavailable. Following maintenance, every player will receive 600 Gold Crowns as compensation for any inconvenience caused. #rMy Lord, #rFavilla has seen many changes lately. Your scouts have brought comprehensive reports, which I will now relay to you. Please keep these new developments in mind and strategize accordingly.

Added the alliance occupation reward feature:
#r1. For each occupied alliance city, the city will pay a tribute to all alliance members at a specific time daily. You can claim this from Alliance Gifts.
#r2. If you lose the city, alliance members will no longer be able to receive the tribute.
To make it convenient to check the latest happenings in each alliance city, tapping the coordinates in the occupation push message in the chat channel will take you straight to the target city.

Increased the cooldown for doom sorceresses and the trigger rate for Heavenly Punishment. We hope that this will improve the advantage that the doom sorceresses have against units with high HP (e.g. shield bearers, battering rams), and that they aren't just a cooler looking archer.
Optimized the action feedback animation when the gate is attacked during Alliance
Integrated rules: Actively initiating war actions against a player will cause the war barrier status to lose effect. This includes:#r1. Individual/assembled attacking/occupation/scouting of NPC cities occupied by non-allies.#r2. Individual/assembled attacking/occupation/scouting of player cities.#r3. Intercepting player armies/caravans.#r4. Attacking NPC cities occupied by another alliance.
Optimized the attendant deployment exchange logic on the Expedition, Alliance Assembly, and City Garrison screen.
Reduced the siege points of archers and doom sorceresses. We hope to emphasize the damage that ranged soldiers can do to enemy soldiers instead of destroying enemy buildings or structures.
Optimized the power calculation method on the Expedition screen. You can now see how much the power of your troops is affected after taking along an attendant.
According to our observations of battles in the game, we feel that the current experience with using active skills is not healthy. A majority of players cast the active skills of their attendants as soon as they enter battle. To give more meaning to the casting of active skills and the training of attendants, we will make the following adjustments to active skills:
#r1. Add a common cooldown of 20 seconds to all active skills.
#r2. The damage from active skills is only affected by the base ATK of soldiers, and will not be affected by the ATK bonus of soldiers anymore.

Fixed a bug in which the Random Token Chest could not display properly in the VIP Exclusive Daily Chest.
Optimized the conditions required to open a choice resource chest: Now you can only open the corresponding choice resource chest when you reach the specified castle level.
Added the daily free chest reward. Remember to collect on the Value Pack screen every day!
Favilla has received a new batch of value-for-money merchandise. Purchase them from the Value Pack screen!
For players to better experience the amazing things Favilla has to offer, we've added new features to the Item Shop:
#r1. Added three daily special offer packs that can be purchased for small amount of Gold Crowns, to help you develop your empire faster.
#r2. You no longer need to worry about insufficient mobility and caravan stamina. The emperor has removed the daily purchase limit for these items, and heavily discounted the Gold Crown price for the first few purchases (the lowest price will be refreshed daily and can be purchased again).
#r3. The emperor has realized that many players encounter a lack of resources, and has therefore removed the daily purchase limit for level 1 resources. High-level resources will also be available for purchase.
Sudden changes have occurred in Favilla, and affected the treasure buried underground.
#r1. Mysterious Clan Map has been renamed to Advanced Mysterious Map. You can find large amounts of speedup items and other important resources here.
#r2. Mysterious maps are now available in the Item Shop. The prices are now lower, making them ideal for players to find resources they need.

Added the disassembly feature for attendant tokens. Each legendary token can be disassembled into six epic tokens, and each epic/rare/uncommon token can be disassembled into four tokens of one rarity level lower.
Adjusted the attendant token fusion feature. Epic tokens can no longer be fused into a legendary token.

Optimized the resource unlocking logic on the Production Efficiency screen. Now, all production items that have not been unlocked through the research institute will be grayed out.

Adjusted the size of lords on the city and battle maps, and fixed a bug in which the lord bonus values were missing. Enhanced the ATK and HP of lords.

To make things more convenient, a feature to cancel the current technology research has been added to the Research Institute screen.
Optimized the color of words for system notices in the chat box on the main screen to make them clearer.


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