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Legend: Rising Empire Introduction of technology system

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The Landlord
Legend: Rising Empire  Introduction of technology system

No matter to build or to upgrade buildings, to trade or to fight, many game activities need time to complete in the game, so the various bonus effects in the game are very important. Technology is related to the bonus effects, because the technology in the game can bring very high and stable bonus effect. What is the technology system? Come and have a look.

Technology system requirements
Science and technology system cannot be unlocked until the player reaches four levels. The reason is that science and technology system must have the building of science and Technology Research Institute to open research. You can learn all kinds of technologies in the Institute of science and technology, and it has the function of strengthen the city's attributes, unlock the building products and so on. The production of many advanced soldiers and advanced materials must be based on scientific research.

Main uses of technology system
Various kinds of technology bonus that Science and Technology Research Institute provide, mainly including six categories below: agricultural products, food, industrial raw materials, building materials, soldier's weapons and soldier’s reinforcements. Players can research for different technologies to achieve the desired speed bonus effect.

Demand for scientific research
The requirement of science and technology research is a large number of silver kroner, the corresponding level of scientific research institute and time. The level of science and technology research institute is the highest level technology limit of the scientific research. So when the scientific research reaches a certain stage, if you want to get more advanced bonus results, it is recommended to upgrade the Research Institute first.

Unlock technology products
In the initial stage of a building, only the first-class products can be produced. Only by researching the corresponding advanced product technology in the Research Institute of science and technology, can the buildings in the city produce higher-level products. The technology of unlocking products can only be learned for one level. Upgrading productivity technology can improve the productivity of buildings. After completing the technology unlocking production of advanced products, you need to change the construction production plan manually in order to produce advanced products.

Science and technology system is very important for the development of our game, so we can develop better if we can make better use of science and technology system. Well, that’s the introduction of science and technology system. I hope this article can help you. Of course, if there are better suggestions, I also hope the message can be shared below.


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