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How to arrange your buildings in ‘Glory of Empire’ (Economic Development)

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The Landlord
How to arrange your buildings in ‘Glory of Empire’ (Economic Development) ¬- A tutorial that can help you to avoid detours in the game.

      As a SLG, the arrangement of different types of buildings is important in “Glory of Empire”. How can we make the most orderly arrangement of buildings and maximize their interests in daily development? This is what many players want to know. Hence, let's get into details about how to maximize the interests by arranging the positions of buildings (In this tutorial, we will introduce development and production rather than war defense).

      In order to arrange the buildings, the player needs to long tap the icon of a certain building to go into the editing interface. The players can switch, demolish, pick up and pick up all for certain buildings. When players pick up all the buildings, you can move out the buildings from the column located on the left of the screen.

Two Basic Points

      In the development of the buildings, there are two types of modules. One is warehouse modules, the other one is market modules, let’s introduce the details of each.

Arrangement of the Warehouses

      In warehouse modules, all the building materials are stored in the warehouses.    Therefore, warehouses become the transfer station for storage and processing. For example, the agriculture products are all stored in the warehouse; Bread production will get materials from the warehouses for further processing. Almost all industry and agriculture activities rely on the warehouses, which show the important role they play.

      Like the stones in the picture, after been produced, the stones are stored in warehouses and then transferred to other industrial buildings for production. Therefore, if we want to improve the construction efficiency, the location of warehouses are very important. We should place it in a central place, which can improve both production efficiency and gain efficiency.

      By placing warehouses at a central point, as figure 4 shows, we can briefly understand the four main areas of the arrangement of this player. However, this arrangement is a little messy, it could to be a better arrangement by improving the land utilization rate.

      In addition, the sawmills must keep a certain distance from both the forests and the warehouses. After all, sawmills are built for producing log, so it won’t be best utilized if they are too crowded together.

      As the sawmills, the quarry needs to keep the same rule. Except for being close to warehouses, it also needs be close to stones.

Arrangement of the Market

      Silver crowns mainly come from market. In order to obtain more silver crowns, the players should spend more time on the arrangement and upgrade of the market. From the picture we can see when we try to move the market, there is a yellow area around it, and this area is only available for dwellings. Let’s explain why.

      The main purpose of dwellings is to increase the population of your city. Players can increase the population through building more dwellings. Also, the growth of the population is affected by some buildings, such as food supply, the number of gardens, taverns and guard barracks. If the player has a good building coverage, the population will continually grow, otherwise, it will decrease.

      Except for Markets & Taverns, the coverage of Gardens follows the same rule. They will also help increase growth and only take up a small area.

      The Tavern can help to increase the population in a certain range, which has the similar effect as to the Market. Players can place a Tavern & Market within in a close distance, which can largely increase the growth rate of the population.

      That is all the tricks and tips about building arrangement, if you want to get more information please shift to our official forum of “Glory of Empire”


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