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Introduction of Strategies of Building Construction in ‘Glory of Empire’

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The Landlord
       As an SLG (simulation game), time is money. The strategies of building construction play an important role in the early game. Dealing with the construction schedule is an essential in-game skill for players to learn at the beginning. Below are some strategies for new players.

       Building construction is categorized into five different types include Agriculture, Industry, Weapons, Military and Public. In other words, there are Food, Development, War, Defense, and Production respectively. Let’s talk about the priority of Building Construction. In early-game, Industry>Agriculture>Public>Weapons>Military; in mid-game, Industry>Agriculture=Public>Weapons>Military; in late-game, Military>Weapons>Public>Industry=Agriculture. Let’s go into some further details.

Development of Industry–in Early and Mid-Games

       Industry is the most important in the early-game. First, the building materials are necessary for building construction and upgrades. All these materials are the result of industry. Second, industrial materials are the concrete of daily missions, military or weapon buildings. Third, the development of industry can help you to complete the game missions and earn in-game resources. Industry can accelerate the development of your land in the early stages of the game.
As in the early-game, the mid-game is also the foundation of the development of your territory. We’ll go into some more details below.

Development of Agriculture–in Early and Mid-Games

       In early games, the priority of agriculture is slightly lower than industry. After all, one is the primary productive force and the other one is secondary productive force. The main purpose of agriculture is to serve the residents and complete the missions, therefore, in early games, especially for strengthening building construction, agriculture is less important than industry.
       In mid-games, agriculture and public have the same priority because agriculture serves to the public (residents). When the players need to upgrade public building construction, the working status and personnel loss of the residents are related to the agriculture and public, which play a complementary role. Therefore, improving the level of both public and agriculture need the equal support of each other.  

Development of Public–in Early and Mid-Games

       The priority of public is slightly lower than industry and agriculture in early games. After all, the most important thing in the early parts of the game is development, in mid-games, public and agriculture are in the same position. After all, public and agriculture complement each other. When players plan to upgrade the public buildings, the working status and personnel loss of the residents are related to the facilities of agriculture and public, which play a complementary role. Therefore, improving both the level of agriculture and public need mutual support.

Development of Weapons–in Early and Mid-Games

       The development of weapons is related to the players’ offense and defense. The higher level of the weapon building, the more powerful those players are.        However, in the early and mid-stages of the game, the construction speed of weapon buildings is far less than the agriculture and public. Hence, a powerful army needs the development of the previous three types together, so that it can produce more weapons and troops. So, in the early and medium stage, it is not necessary to spend too much time in developing weapons, as long as it can accomplish the daily missions (include territorial target and lord’s quest) and king’s quest.

Development of Military–in Early and Mid-Games

       The players can ignore the development of military if they joined an alliance in the early game. When the player joins a strong alliance and immigrant to the territory of the alliance, it can help the player to avoid invading and plundering by other players. The only thing players need to do is to develop the economy, train the troops. Defense is something that needs to be considered in late game.

The Late Stage of Development

       When the game reaches the late stage, the players should mainly focus on military and weapons. During that period, the players’ strategies should be based on military activities in an alliance, such as how to make the joint defense and coordination in the alliance. When you start to develop military and weapons, the era of ‘Glory of Empire’ begins!


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After playing this game for quite sometime now, I have noticed that there is some fun features and good graphics to enjoy but it is a pay-to-play game, if you want to win any wars.
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