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Legend:Rising Empire: how to build and upgrade urban construction

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The Landlord
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To talk about urban construction in the game, has always been a very big problem, because these buildings are the foundation of a country, the more and more high-level buildings symbolize the strength of a country, but how to build and upgrade urban construction? Let's take a look at the strategy we brought today.
Matters needing attention in urban construction

number of buildings
The number of buildings players can build is not infinite. Players can only build a certain number of buildings. This number is different according to the level of the main castle. The higher level the castle is, the more buildings can be built. And according to the different factions, the number of buildings will also be different!

Building level
The level of buildings is also limited. Generally speaking, the level of other buildings can not exceed the level of the main castle, and the highest level of the main castle is 15. Therefore, the highest level of all buildings is 15. Some other buildings also have such restrictive characteristics, such as the level of the caravan station and trading station is limited to the level of the trade center.

Urban construction demand
Silver Krone
Money is the first thing needed to build a building. Silver krone, one of the common currencies in the mainland of Favila, is a necessity when building a building. There is a big difference of silver Krone needed between different buildings.
To build a new building, we need the corresponding land to place it, and the buildings of different sizes occupy different areas. Therefore, to build more buildings, we need the corresponding size of territory. Different buildings also require the location of land, such as farmland, plantations, animal farms and industrial logging houses, quarries, hunting huts, mining sites, need specific locations to place them!
Urban construction upgrading needs
Priority building
As mentioned above, the requirement of upgrading urban construction has the level limitation of other buildings, so it is necessary to give priority to upgrading corresponding buildings, such as the main castle or other level-restricted buildings.

Raw materials and building materials
The most important thing to upgrade a building is all kinds of materials. Starting from the lowest level of building, every time it upgrades, the upgrade materials will be increased. Up to a certain level, it needs higher level of building materials to upgrade it!

All right, that's what I brought you to build and upgrade of buildings in Legend:Rising Empire. I hope this article can help you play better.


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