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《Legend:Rising Empire》Production Chain Regulation

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The Landlord
In last session we have already introduced the construction of the production chain. In this session, we will introduce the regulation of the production chain to you. Since the capacity of the production chain is often fluctuating, players are required to make adjustments. Then what to do? Let’s go and find out it.

一、To know about the capacity of city
The capacity of city is located in the second module of the resource overview, which is divided into three parts, the silver krona income, agricultural raw materials and industrial raw material modules. The results of the regulation of the production chain can be seen here. As long as the production chain is properly regulated, it will appear a symbol of capacity balance as shown in the following picture.

二、To increase some of the capacity on the scarce chain
The industrial raw materials in the game can be used to make finished products of industrial resources and military resources, so there will always be a shortage of industrial raw materials. At this time, we should increase some of the capacity in this chain.

1、upgrade buildings
We can improve the production efficiency of raw materials by upgrading the raw material of production building. As long as the production speed of raw materials keeps pace with the consumption rate, then it is a balanced production chain.

2、The location of building
We can also speed up the production rate of scarce production buildings by moving the location of the building to increase the corresponding coverage of the building, which also brings the production chain into balance!

三、To increase the quantity of scarce materials
The links in each chain of production chain needs to be balanced. When the capacity of the production chain cannot be adjusted to bring the production chain into balance in time, then what we need to do is to increase the quantity of scarce materials.

1、To buy from store
We can buy the basic materials from the store, which is the quickest way. As long as you have enough gold krona, you can have the scarce materials in time.

2、To obtain through trade
we can send our own caravans to buy goods anywhere in the world by building a construction trade center and a caravan station, which is different from buying from store, what we need is a lot of silver krona and time. Because the speed of the caravan is limited, the materials that can be obtained from the trade are also related to the caravan load, so the getting speed is slow.

Therefore, the regulation of the production chain is to make the production chain not stop production, as long as the production chain does not stop, then it is the fullest utilization of resources.
Well, the above is the regulation of the production chain introduced to you today, I hope it can help everyone to have fun in game!


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