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Legend:Rising Empire skills strategy of place of wall

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The Landlord
In the game of Legend:Rising  Empire , defensive skills have always been a hot topic for players to discuss, but many people are very wasteful of resources for the placement of the wall, so the location of the wall is skillful, how to use the wall to defend has to be known! Come and take a look at the skills strategy of place of wall that are brought to you today!

The position of centralized separation
This type of location is centered on the main castle, and the walls are scattered around. This type of formation is a comprehensive defense, because there can be a large number of walls around, you can arrange a lot of long-range soldiers. If there are enough walls, you can have all-round dividing the enemy's strength, as soon as the enemy soldiers go close to the castle, it will be destroyed.

The position of block separation
The block-shaped walls can be extended to occupy the line, and the long-range soldiers can be arranged separately on the block wall, so that when the enemy passes through the wall, the troops can be consumed in advance, and in the separated block, the position can be vacated. By placing a blocking arm of the services like Shield, you can effectively limit the enemy to the formation!

The location of Diagonal wall
The location of this kind of wall is very sturdy. Due to the block structure of the map, the wall can increase the defensive radiation area of the wall, but it also occupies a lot of space of castle. It is recommended that use such a wall to position when the number of walls in the game is insufficient!

The position of placement of strip
With regards to the weakness of a single wall, the strip-shaped wall is more integrated, so the use of the strip-shaped wall can be very directly defense to the enemy's progress, but the strip position is not flexible enough. Therefore, in the face of enemy  such as cavalry and other fast arms of service, it seems to be more defenseless!

Ok, the above is the wonderful content brought to you today, I hope to bring help to everyone!


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