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Legend: Rising Empire: Special features in the game

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The Landlord
Every game has its own distinct charm. Players are already attracted by Legend: Rising Empire’s charm when they chose to play the game. After they finish the tutorial they can start a glorious journey to an empire! There are many fascinating features in the game that makes it so fun to play. Players can play it in their own way to conquer other players. Here are some of the amazing elements in Legend: Rising Empire!

1.Various building system
In the game there are many different kinds of buildings which have different uses. Players can use their imagination to build their own empire through locating buildings and creating various architecture styles.

2. Diverse equipment costumes
Since 8 different fashionable lord equipment were provided, players can shape the looks of their lord however they like. Besides looking cool, equipment also provides high buffs! For example, there are buffs on attacking power or health of lord and legion. Other than that, it is also possible to refine the equipment and add production buffs as well as legion buffs!

3. Special attendant module
Different from ordinary strategic games, the attendant module in Legend: Rising Empire adds to the variety of attack and defense. Attendants can add different buffs based on soldier types and battle modes. They also have powerful attendant skills and gifts. Players can arrange their favorite attendants freely so as to beat opponents more easily.
4. Flexible arrangements of soldiers
There are 8 types of soldiers in the game: archer, spearman catapult, thief, doom sorceress, heavy cavalryman, shield bearer and battering ram. Players can arrange soldiers freely for attacking or defense. During a battle, different ratios of different types of soldiers will have different effects. Every battle is going to be a combat of force and intelligence!

5. Factions
After players’ castle reaches Level 3 they must join a faction and the faction decides how a player shall proceed in the game. At the later stage of the game, different factions will fight each other. Players should choose a faction that suits them best to stay strong on the Favilla land!

6. Bandits and siege
Players can defeat the different levels of bandits on the world map and get rewards. They can also occupy NPC cities to earn tax rewards. Multiple types of bandits and different levels of NPC cities allow players to choose according to their needs. It is best for the players to discuss and exchange ideas on which cities to conquer

7. Alliances
Players can build their own alliance in the game which helps gather many like-minded friends and fight side by side with them. An alliance brings many benefits to its members. For instance, they can purchase resources in the alliance shop, moreover, alliance tech brings all kinds of buffs. Players who are in an alliance won’t be alone when facing with enemies, they are much stronger with teammates’ support! Alliances can also team up to attack large cities and get strong buffs, thereafter occupy new lands

8. Realistic trading
Every empire needs to grow through trading. Players can get their own caravan through building a trade center and a caravan station. The caravan can reach anywhere on the world map to acquire resources or sell goods. The setting of caravan’s load and stamina is close to life so players should think twice before sending out their caravan
There are many more features in the game that I couldn’t cover in this article. Players need to figure them out themselves in the game. That’s all I’ve got today and I hope these tips can help you through the game.


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Easily the best MMO castle builder. The only problem is the game has global servers and 99 percent of players are chinese.
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