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How should a Warmonger defend itself?

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The Landlord
       The Warmonger is like a raging lion onbattel fields as it is quite progressive during battles. However, defense hasalways been a weak spot of Warmongers. So how should a Warmonger defend itselfwhen enemies invade? Here are some tips on this topic, come have a look!
1.Surround castle with walls
       During defense battles, there is always a chance to win if you keep your castle safe. So, the main castle of Warmonger has to be protected by multiple layers of walls. The walls can stall your enemies even when they have crushing siege engines. Your castle’s safety is always your priority!

2. Concentrated forces
       For Warmonger players, attacking is thebest defense. As Warmonger has buffs of adding war power to your whole legion, allyour soldiers are tougher than the same ones in other factions. Since thecondition of winning defense battles is to eliminate all your enemies’ troops,it is strongly suggested that Warmonger concentrates its soldiers at thebeginning to give a hard strike on enemies. However, a shortcoming of thisapproach is that it requires you to know which way the enemies are coming fromin advance.

3. Choose attacking attendants for defense
       Warmonger exists for fighting wars, so nomatter in what types of wars, they use swords as shields. Therefore, choosing attendantswith attacking buffs for defense can make your soldiers tougher in defense wars,thereafter turning a defense situation into an engagement battle of life ordeath!
4. Strategy Transfer
       Well, if unfortunately, you meet enemiesyou can’t defeat, it’s better to just run away. After all, the advantage of Warmongeris its dominance in battles. If that advantage is lost then it’s certainlybetter to stay low for a while. Later when a Warmonger grows larger, it will makeits old enemies regret!

       All right, I hope you enjoyed these littletips. Please share some of your tips in the comments section!


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