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Importance of population and how to avoid population shortage

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The Landlord
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      In Legend:Rising Empire, the prosperity of an empire is related to its economic andmilitary strength, however, population is also an important factor that shows acountry’s power. Population has a large influence in the game, such as:
1.Maintaining the production of all types of buildings requires a large population.
      Without enough population production cannot proceed. Higher level production buildings also require larger population
2.Training military.
      You need to expend population to build armies. Without population there will be no national defense. Higher level soldiers expend more population as well
      The absence of population will delay your empire’s development. Therefore, population is one of the most important resources!
Here are some tips on avoiding shortage ofpopulation.
1. Build more dwellings
      Dwellings is the second most building youare allowed to build after walls. Since the effect of dwellings is merelyincreasing the upper limit of population, the cost of dwellings won’t be higherthan the others. Besides, it takes less time to construct a dwelling, and itcan create higher buffs when combined with other types of buildings. The more dwellingsyou have, the merrier!
2. Build taverns
      Tavern is a great choice when it comes to increasingnatural growth rate of population. Apart from activating quests and providingresources, taverns can increase the growth rate of population. Combinedwellings and taverns and you can get more buffs!

3.Obtaining recruitments instores
      Recruitments are sold in both regularstores and alliance stores. You can get the corresponding number of populationsafter using it, but you can’t exceed the upper limit of population. Try usethis type of item when there’s population shortage, it will help you solve theproblem!

4.Favilla ranking awards
      Through participating in the Favillacontest which happens every two hours, you can put your name on the rankingchart if you earn enough points. Everyone in top 100 will be rewarded and therewards include different recruitments, which also helps to avoid shortage ofpopulation!
5.Alliance buffs
      Join an alliance and get the buffs fromalliance technology to upgrade recruitment master—a recruitment master also increasesgrowth rate of population. Never overlook the buffs a strong alliance can bringto yourself!

      That’s so much I have to share on avoidingpopulation shortage. Please share your tips in the comments section.


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