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Introduction on alliance and its importance

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The Landlord
      The most fun part of a game is to play withyour friends, and of course Legend:Rising Empire offers you an opportunity to do that. On the Favilla landwhere wars happen every day, the people you encounter are either your enemiesor your friends. So, it is crucial to be a part of an alliance when there areso many benefits. Have a look!

1. Introduction of the Alliance
      Players can join an alliance with a Level 1castle. You only need to choose one alliance from the Alliance interface andwait for the chief to let you in. what’s more, you can get a welcome kit withlots of good stuff. You can create your own alliance at Level 2 castle. Itcosts you 3000 gold crowns and you automatically become the chief.

2.Occupation in alliances
      An alliance is made up of chief, vice chief, the elderlies and regular members. When an alliance is promoted to a union, members can donate resources through the alliance to earn a executive position. An executive position adds great buffs to players in areas such as industrial, agricultural production, legion attack power and health.

3.Alliance Partners
      After you join the alliance you get to meetlots of partners. You guys can exchange experiences when encountering problemsin the game. You can always call for help when attacking other players, evenwhen someone is attacking you your alliance members are there to help you withdefense. The alliance is a union, no matter how strong the lone wolves are onthis land, they’ll have to lower their heads when facing a large alliance!

4.Alliance store
      You can obtain alliance coins via donating and helpingeach other. A sufficient amount of alliance coins enables you to trade plentyof resources in the alliance store. You can purchase resources which normallycost many gold crowns with only a small number of alliance coins.

5.Alliance technology
      Every player in the alliance can enjoy the buffsof alliance technology. The effects of buffs cover every part of the game so itis definitely necessary to obtain these buffs if you want to develop yourkingdom faster!

6.Alliance city
      When your alliance grows strong enough youcan invade the large NPC cities. If the alliance succeeds, every player thatparticipated in the invasion can get rich first-occupied rewards as well as theNPC city’s buff on alliance members. This kind of buff is actually moreeffective than alliance technology buffs!

7.Camp rewards
      With the help of your alliance partners,you can team up and attack bandit camps with rich resources. Since bandit campsare usually quite powerful, it is important for you to pair up with powerfulalliances. The rewards you can earn from camps definitely exceeds rewards fromdefeating regular bandits. As you can see, there are so many benefits ofjoining an alliance!

8.Boosting your building processand alliance gifts
      Once you are a part of an alliance, every time youconstruct a building you automatically send out a request for alliance’s help.You can get 20 boosts at most per building, which will save you lots ofconstructing time. Other than that, alliance members can earn alliance giftsfrom other players after they purchase gift pack. These gifts consist ofvarious resource rewards which are beneficial for players’ development.

      If you have more thoughts on the importanceof alliances. Please share them in the comments section.


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