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The capacity introduction and reasonable utilization skills of the Power and ...

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The Landlord
      Players in the whole process of the game, is to consume a lot of game materials, self-sufficient urban capacity is the most main link in the process to produce material. So how to reasonable utilization of capacity is particularly important. If the capacity control is well, it will not result in a material shortage and will be very helpful to the development of its own! Now today I'm going to give you an introduction to urban productivity and how to use it properly.

1. Urban capacity module
      The city capacity details are located in the second module of the resources overview, in which the city module is also divided into three parts of silver crown revenue, agricultural raw materials and industrial raw materials module. The results of our regulation on capacity can be seen here! As long as the capacity is reasonably utilized, there will be a sign of capacity balance as shown in the figure.

2. Silver crown revenue
      Silver crown is the main source to collect taxes from the market. It is also an hour as the calculating. Of course, the income calculation is out of the sale of raw materials. And the other major spending that used on the maintenance of the military academy, the building construction and the cost of the technological studies, is not recorded on spending an hour. So the silver crown in the capacity of cities income is the result of the natural output game!

3. Agricultural raw materials
      Three types of agricultural production chain is similar to the raw materials, to be associated with different class, here will display the material quantity, the relation and the rest of the production. As shown in figure, the quantity of the wheat is zero, and when the output is negative, our players need to improve the yield of wheat, upgrade or purchase a large amount of wheat farmland to alleviate the negative of wheat production capacity.

4. Industrial materials (no drawings)
      The production chain of four industrial raw materials is also basically the same. But the production chain of industrial raw materials is more complicated than that of agricultural transport materials. Besides the raw materials, there is also the relationship between excessive materials and two finished products and equipment. To properly use urban production capacity, we need to adjust the relationship between several materials! At this time, if the production capacity is insufficient, we can recommend the production of more advanced equipment or raw materials to ease the consumption of low-level materials!

      Ok, here are the new version of the city capacity introduction and reasonable use of skills. For more interesting Suggestions, please comment below.


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