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A collection of the best defense servants in the industrial faction

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The Landlord
      It is well acknowledged that in the game the economic strength of money empire faction is unquestionable and war faction has the best fighting abilities. However, industrial faction stands out as the most well-rounded faction. Although it is not as competent as the other two factions economic wise and war power wise, it has strong defense power and mighty spearmen. Here is a collection of the best defense servants in the industrial faction. Come have a look!

1.        Leon Lebit
      The reason why this servant is a perfect match for industrial faction players’ defense troop is that this faction has a unique advantage which enhances short-range soldiers’ attack power and health. This advantage empowers your short-range soldiers. As a result, this kind of servants that have a “leadership mind” which adds short-range solders’ attack and defense power is a good choice for industrial faction considering both attack and defense.

2.        Atticus Parchi
      Compared with Leon, Atticus’ gift “Trial Angel” doesn’t add any attack power. But this gift has a efficient effect of decreasing the harm that our shield guards receive for almost 1/3. That might not seem to be a lot for other soldiers, however, for industrial faction that’s known for defense and short-range body shield, the enhancement is definitely pivotal. Having Atticus in your army makes your front row nearly impossible to penetrate!

3.        Shirley Kent
      Apart from enhancing soldiers, you should also watch out for enemies’ siege engines. Even the walls of industrial faction still has the possibility of being destroyed under multiple siege engines. Therefore, it is best for you to own Shirley Kent who has the gift of “history reflection”. She makes the already thick wall 1/3 more durable, further improving industrial faction’s defense system.

4. Jerry Huang
      As the saying goes, the best defense is to attack. Since industrial faction is already equipped with durable walls, the only thing that is lacking is harm to long-range soldiers. If you own a servant who can enhance long-range soldiers, it is also a good choice to leave a space for him or her on defense position. In this way, the defects of industrial faction is compensated and your defense can get pretty solid.

      All right, that’s all I’ve got for you. Please share your advices in the comments section


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