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Tricks on dispatching attacking servants in the industrial faction

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The Landlord
      In Legend: Rising Empire , it is mandatory for players to choose a faction after they reach Level 3. Every faction has its own unique direction development. As of the industrial faction, after the revised servants were launched in the latest edition, players are allowed to dispatch servants during offense and defense. How you can maximize industrial faction’s natural advantage depends on your choice of servants. Here are some tricks on how to dispatch attacking servants in the industrial faction

1.        Factions in the latest edition
      The latest edition includes 36 servants equally separated in 3 categories: Legend, Epic and Rare. Each category has distinct additional effects, which means it is crucial to choose your servants according to your faction and the object you’re attacking.

2.        Advantages of the industrial faction
      Players in the industrial faction can have a strong troop of spearmen due to industrial faction’s additional effect. Therefore, you would want to take advantage of your faction’s additional effect when choosing servants.

3.        Gifts of servants and recommendation
a.        Shield Guards
      Gifts of servants is an important guideline. Shield guards like Atticus who have a strong additional effect on spearmen are quite suitable for industrial faction players. Owning a pair of indestructible shield guards in the front row will lead you further to victory.

b.        Cavalries
      Since players are allowed to dispatch three servants in their attacking troops, those in industrial faction are advised to dispatch servants who own effects of increasing cavalries’ harm level. Since cavalries can ignore effects of taunt, they rely more on attacking to destroy enemies’ back row output.

c.        Long-range soldiers
      I suggest industrial faction players to have one servant who owns additional effect towards long-range soldiers. Compared with other factions, long-range soldiers is a relatively weak point for industrial faction. You can also choose archers or warlock servants to compensate defects. With super strong spearmen and after compensating long-range soldiers’ lack of output, industrial faction can become quite tough. As long as you organize servants well when attacking, you might even compete with the war faction that’s known for strong war power. In a word, servants are indispensable for your industrial faction to grow.

      All right, that sums up the tricks I’ve got for you. Please share your advices in the comments section


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